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Advent 2021: Under the Covid Cosh

I walked the Camino Santiago in September and October 2021. I gave all monies i raised to Sr Brigid Doody in Damascus and I did my compostella in vacare pro, in the place of Julian Assange.

Although I wished I raised more money, at least it went to a good cause and not to British agent Samara Levy, who, along with her Anglican cultist chums in Syria, is a part of the war of extermination MI5 are waging on Syria’s minorities.

Scammy, Scummy Samara Levy

Here is a video telling us that Britain’s National Heart Association is using old and iconic phone boxes to house defibrillators. Yet Samara Levy and her publishers want us to believe that Syrian scammer Dr Alexander Deeb is a whizz kid because he can use one.  Samara Levy belongs in prison along with her publishers and co-conspirators.


This is the type of nonsense Amazon is displaying in promoting scammer Samara’s screed. The book has ten positive 5* reviews. Given scammer Samara knows nothing about medicine, about Syria or about religion, Samara and her partners in crime in the Anglican Church should all be in jail. These sel fish Christian Zionist supremacists are the enemies of the Levant’s Christians

Bondi Beach Lifeguards Torpedo Silly Samara Levy

In the video below, Sydney’s Bondi Beach lifeguards get a defibrillator to save the life of some digger with a dodgy ticker. Sectarian scammer Samara Levy, who claims to be an emergency nurse, believes only heart surgeons like her partner in crime can use such equipment which is standard issue in Australia. Samara Levy and her fellow cultist scammers belong in prison.

BBC Torpedo Samara Levy's Bullshit

It is always great to see rats eat one another. MI5’s BBC outlet is still running with the Eriksen cardiac arrest case as the risk of athletes croaking it is just too high and too prominent to ignore. Here are some snippets: Defibrillators are mandatory at all grounds down to step four of the National League system. Below that, it’s understood that about 90% of clubs at steps five and six have one.

The Football Association has been working with a company to get defibrillators for grassroots clubs heavily subsidised.

In other words, defilibrators and training are both ubiquitous and thousands of English people, who are all presumable better trained than Samara Levy and her Syrian witch doctor Deeb are on stand by to use them.

Dr Rob Cooper, a consultant at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and the pitchside cardiologist for Liverpool FC told the Sports Desk Podcast: “This is an opportunity to raise the shortage of defibrillators in the public perception. Around 12 people under the age of 35 will suffer sudden cardiac death every week. These are preventable if they have access to defibrillators.  In other words, the condition is rare but eminently treatable with  the right equipment. A Syrian witch doctor is not needed and nor is a spoofer who did a 2 day course while at school.

To hammer home these points, the article continues:

“Public access defibrillators are only used in about 5-10% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. The UK coverage is patchy and one of the issues is that there is no combined central database to know where every defibrillator is. London has about three per square kilometre, Seattle has about 13 per square kilometre, so we are underserved.

“I’m also a coach for an under-9s football team and most of the venues we go to play do not have a defibrillator. There is a lot of work to do in this regard.”

Though a crucial issue for those affected, it is one caused by a surfeit of equipment and some very basic training of the sort spoofer Samara got at school (before she became a cookie seller). Samara Levy is not mentally equipped to say what training Syrian medics need. And to  the extent that Deeb is ok with what Levy wrote, he should be struck off and given a very lengthy custodial sentence for endangering, if not ending, lives. The guy is a scum bag.

Footballer's Hearts and Samara's Spoof Appeal

Irish RTE have Dr Sharma commenting on the Eriksen heart case. Apparently, the EPL have a dedicated unit monitoring players’ hearts. As cardiology is a lot more complicated than agent Samara Levy and her screed would have us believe, one can only conclude Samara’s Appeal aka Charity no  1171707 is a total MI5 supported fraud.

Spurs' Smackdown for "Syrian" Spoofer Samara

Dr Sanjay Sharma is a Professor of Cardiology and worked with Christian Eriksen when the Dane was at Tottenham. Dr Sharma stated that Eriksen had yearly tests whilst in London and that he had showed no previous signs of heart problems. Although Dr Sharma also praises the quick response from the medical team (and the Danish captain) at the game, he makes it very plain from 3:40 onwards that there is very much more to cardiology and to Eriksen’s case than bumpkin  Samara Levy suggests. in her screed. Samara Levy’s book, in other words, is an utter embarrassment to MI5, to Hodder and Stoughton and to Dr A, aka Alexander Deeb, who brings only shame on his family and his country.

CPR For All Footballers and MI5 agents in Syria

Here is former Liverpool soccer star Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports showing how everyone can learn CPR is less than two hours. Samara Levy, who bases her claim to be an emergency nurse on a CPR course she did at school, claims in her screed that CPR is an advanced procedure needing the advanced expertise of Dr A (xander Deeb) to perform.

Please also note Sky Sports do not make a big deal of their dummy, whereas Samara claims Deeb treats his like it is some form of cutting edge technology. We are supposed to believe that this dodgy woman, who knows nothing about medical procedures, opened a string of hospitals in unknown places in Syria. MI5 must try harder.

Denmark's Dr A(lexander Deeb)

Danish captain Simon Kjaer is being rightly hailed as a hero for using CPR to save the life of Christian Eriksen, his Danish and AC Milan team-mate, and then going on to comfort Eriksen’s wife and getting their team mates to form a protective privacy shield around   Eriksen when the para medics got to him and continued to give life saving CPR to the Danish player.

Although British asset Samara Levy would have us believe that only well-trained heart surgeons like Deeb can perform CPR, Kjaer and the Danish paramedics put her fantasies into perspective and call into question why MI5, Hodder & Stoughton and Amazon support such bilge.

Although Samara and Team MI5 want us to believe that only highly trained (ha ha) medics like Deeb can do CPR, Samara, who learned it over a rainy weekend at school shows otherwise (even if she thinks that qualified her as an emergency nurse).

Kjaer’s Wikipedia entry also shows Samara is full of shit on this matter, as she is on all else. We learn that Kjaer, who was born on 26 March 1989, got his first professional football contract at aged 19, and that he has played at professional level ever since in Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and Spain.  We learn that he speaks six languages but that he only has a Danish high school diploma (which puts him higher than Samara in the educational stakes). Now, if the personable  Kjaer, with his Danish High School diploma, can be a CPR expert, why does Hodder & Stoughton print Samara’s book that lies that only heart surgeons can provide CPR, a procedure Samara herself  learned in high school?

MI5, Samara Levy, CPR, defibrillation & Euro Football

When Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest during a Euro 2020 match on Saturday 12 June 2021, his life was saved by paramedics performing CPR on him. The  Irish media, amongst others, carried a story on this, emphasising how important CPR  and practice on dummies are.  Although Eriksen owes his life to the paramedics, defibrillators are standard fare at big games. Medically, they are not a big deal and Samara Levy’s emphasis on them as a big deal indicates she rather, than Deeb, here co-conspirator, wrote the screed, which only saw the light of day because it serves MI5’s nefarious agenda.

The video below shows a cardiologist commenting on this high profile case. Please note the cardiologist agrees with m e that CPR, though life saving, is no b ig deal. That is just further prof that Samara Levy’s claims about Deeb’s CPR wizardry is a product of her own lack of training and that her entire operation is, like that of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hand in Hand for Syria’s, a total MI5 scam.

Samara Levy's Syria in the Larger MI5 Context

I had no sooner posted about Samara than I clicked into Craig Murray’s excellent blog. Murray is a former British diplomat, who still has a few gigs going for him. He is currently facing some jail time over some MI5 inspired bullshit. Here is the relevant part of his post:

The simple truth of the matter – and it is a truth – is this. If the Iraq WMD situation occurred today, and the security services decided to brazen it out and claim that WMD had indeed been found, there is not a mainstream media outlet that would contradict them.

The security services outlet Bellingcat would publish some photos of big missiles planted in the sand. The Washington Post, Guardian, New York Times, BBC and CNN would republish and amplify these pictures and copy and paste the official statements from government spokesmen. Robert Fisk would get to the scene and interview a few eye witnesses who saw the missiles being planted, and he would be derided as a senile old has-been. Seymour Hersh and Peter Hitchens would interview whistleblowers and be shunned by their colleagues and left off the airwaves. Bloggers like myself would be derided as mad conspiracy theorists or paid Russian agents if we cast any doubt on the Bellingcat “evidence”. Wikipedia would ruthlessly expunge any alternative narrative as being from unreliable sources. The Integrity Initiative, 77th Brigade, GCHQ and their US equivalents would be pumping out the “Iraqi WMD found” narrative all over social media. Mad Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council would be banning dissenting accounts all over the place in his role as Facebook Witchfinder-General.

And so it is. MI5 deliberately promote these morons so that we waste our time wrestling with brain challenged pigs as they build huge webs behind their clowns. Bellingcat, Elliot Higgins, is a good example of that. As dissidents and MIT professors wrestled with that idiot, MI5, the Atlantic Council and their allies built up a web of censorship in Amazon and elsewhere with the help of their willing executioners.


Amazon in Britain and in Brazil of al places, were ordered to remove m y review of Samara Levy’s sc reed on the pretext that it broke their community standards, which Amazon set without any feedback from the very large “community” who buy from them. When I buy books or other  goods, I generally look at the one star reviews as I find these have the best information to content  ratio. In Samara’s case,  she got a gang of clones to  write rave reviews about it, even though none of them  critically analysed her screed.

I showed, on the basis of her screed, that she knows nothing about religion, nothing about medicine and nothing about Syria. On that basis, her screed should not have been published.

Amazon published her nonsense only because it is part of MI5’s ongoing plans to destroy Syria in the name of a diversity Samara does not believe in and that Syria does not need. That is my main concern. Samara Levy is of secondary concern: she is simply a hate-filled dumpling at their beck and call for whatever pecuniary or other needs she has.

So, let’s look at Amazon’s Community standards, written with no feedback from their buyers.

Their blurb begins by informing us “Amazon wants your voice to be heard!” but only on their terms, which include the following pertinent points:

Respect Others

Amazon values diverse opinions, so you may disagree with some content that you come across. (as long as MI5 is cool with it)

In order to maintain a welcoming environment for all users, your participation in the Community must always be respectful of others. (You cannot respect a sectarian charlatan, who writes on subjects she is totally ignorant of)

In particular:

  • Don’t post content that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, obscene, pornographic, or lewd. (The truth is not libelous; the rest are open to MI5’s cancel culture interpretation) )For example, don’t use obscenities or profanity, and don’t express hatred or intolerance for people on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability, including by promoting organizations with such views. (Samara is the one promoting sectarian hatred; her screeds ooze with it)
  • Don’t post content that invades others’ privacy. For example, don’t post other people’s phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or other personal information, and don’t post links to phishing or other malware sites. (Dr A, Samara’s partner in crime, is easily identifiable: she has no right to pretend he is a Syrian patriot and not  an MI5 pawn)
  • Don’t impersonate other people or organizations or pretend to be someone or something you’re not. (That is what Samara does. She is not  and never was an emergency nurse and nor did she open hospitals in government held Syria)
  • Don’t attempt to drown out other people’s opinions, including by posting from multiple accounts or coordinating with others to post similar messages multiple times. (Samara’s fan club should answer that regarding their rave reviews and endorsements of same)
  • Don’t engage in name-calling or attack people.  (Samara does not have the right to defame  Syria’s Christians)
  • You may question the beliefs and expertise of others as long as it is relevant and done in a respectful and non-threatening manner. (I did this but, on the overwhelming evidence, Samara cannot be taken seriously. She is a total fraud.)

The Irish Sopranos

Reading this week about the FBI’s/ASIO’s take down of major international criminals through their ANOM Trojan Horse app, we hear, in shades of The French Connection movie and the work of murdered journalist Gary Webb, that French diplomatic bags were being used to ferry  coke out of CIA infested Colombia.

There is nothing new under the sun, The US   Democratic Party has controlled the state of Illinois at all levels, since the heady days of Al Capone’s campaign for safe milk,  which helped pave the way for the Mafia to help JFK become POTUS35.

The US Democrats also gave us the 1998  Irish Good Friday Peace Process, which is still being milked all of 23 years later. To put that in perspective, 23 years after VE and VJ Days, both German and Japan had risen from the ashes. The only people who have benefited from the Irish Peace  Process are war mongers like Tony Blair, Bil Clinton and disgraced politicians like Bertie Ahern, who is still hawking his  peace pipes amongst the indigenous tribes of Papua New Guinea’s Highlands.

Gerry Adams, the Provo godfather and alleged MI5 Trojan Horse, seen here with his “hair apparent” Mary Lou McDonald and convicted torturer and mafia organised crime affiliate Jonathan Dowdall, who was also nabbed by a bugging device, which led to the discovery of his torture videos, as well as his associations with crime cartel boss Gerry Hutch, who was caught  up in a vicious feud with rival mobster Christy Kinahan., where both sides used IRA hitmen, where both sides used IRA safe houses in the north of Ireland and where the security forces obviously had all sides more compromised than ASIO/FBI did their marks with their  more recent Trojan Horse app.

The fact is the Provos were never any m ore of a political outfit than was clean milk campaigner Al Capone or New Jersey’s fictional Sopranos’ crew. They were and are a MI5 counter gang, run by a number of mostly Belfast families with child rape and other charges going back to at  least the middle of the twentieth century. 

Though nature may abhor a vacuum, she certain ly lets nothing go to waste. The Provos exist to protect MI5’s flanks. and, beneath all the selfies with torturers and all the trips on MI5’s luxury yachts, they  are MI5’s toy.

Here is a video of the the return of the body of IRA hunger striker Frank Stagg to Ireland./ Those handling his remains robbed from the families of IRA prisoners and boasted of how they raped women. Considering the amount of child rapists in PIRA, that is probably small beans, But it is indicative of their standards.


Still on the subject o Protestant asset, this important FB post by Tony Gosling caught my eye.  Gosling is one of the many odd balls, who appear on Press TV, the Iranian station, characters one does not want to be associated it, irrespective of whether they are fools of MI5 knaves planted to sow dysentery in the ranks. Although the jury is still out on Gosling, I am convinced many of these wing nuts were planted and promoted by Team MI5.

The Protestant Truth Society is a virulently anti Catholic British outfit that has been attacking Popeheads for well over 100 years. Their Biblical literalism, coupled with their overt sectarianism  makes it impossible to work with them and Press TV should really ask itself why it gives them- and Gosling – air.

Vile as they are, MI5 have undoubtedly uses for them and for Samara, whose team have managed to get my review of her nonsense book removed without warning from Amazon.

The Anglican Church is not  called MI5 at Prayer for nothing and many of its players, those who pretend to be friends of Syria but give platforms to Samara and/or the Protestant Truth Society would be as perfidious as any other of Albion’s two headed snakes.

MI55’s mission in includes planting these anti Christs in Syria and everywhere else they can. The Protestant Truth Society have been doing this for over 100 years and the Anglican Cult for over 400 years. As Press TV and Samara’s bull shit show, they have picked up a bag of tricks along the way.



Samara Levy Reported to Fraud Squad

On the advice of the Sussex Police Force, I have reported Samara Levy’s Appeal for Syria to the British Fraud Squad with a view to  criminal prosecution. Although Samara Levy has major protection from the likes of Rev Andrew White and Arcbhishop George Carey, the cat is out of the bag.

This is not my first rodeo. As I have previously been seriously threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood Hand in Hand for Syria group, I am happy to pursue this matter much further.

ARREST SAMARA LEVY (Samara's Appeal Charity No 1171707)

Samara Levy is an award-winning Christian Zionist sectarian fanatic, whose Samara’s Appeal charity has collected millions of British pounds from British Catholic school children, supposedly for “Syria”. Samara Levy has written two hate-filled screeds on her work, the second of them with a Dr Eskander Elias Deeb, a very shady Syrian draft dodger, who flits across Syria’s front lines without being arrested. Samara Levy needs to be arrested by the anti-terrorist unit and her charity wound up for the following reason:

1. As Samara’s works are so rabidly sectarian, there is absolutely no way she would be allowed operate in government-held Syria alongside Syria’s mainstream Christian churches she continually reviles. Samara’s claims to be operating in government-held Syria must be, in other words, totally false and fraudulent.

2.There is overwhelming evidence Samara Levy works closely in very opaque and underhand ways with disgraced Anglican cleric, Rev Andrew White, who is an unapologetic self-declared Christian Zionist agent. Because no such people are allowed operate in government-held Syria, Samara’s claims to be operating in government-held Syria must be, in other words, totally false and fraudulent.

3. As Rev White was appointed Middle East Envoy by disgraced Anglican “Pope”, George Carey (who met Syria’s President Assad in 2017 and whose colleagues believe the Levant’s Shias should be forcibly expelled from the entire area), Samara Levy is compromising the larger MI6/Mossad intelligence operations she feeds into.

4.As Samara Levy refuses to verify any of her actions in government-held Syria or even to make known the names of her charity’s trustees, and as there is overwhelming evidence her active service units operate only in Kurdish/terrorist/Turkish controlled areas, her claims to have dispensed aid and to have built a rosary of hospitals in government-held Syria need further investigation, with an eye to prosecution and a very lengthy custodial sentence. Her claims to be building and operating hospitals in Syria is as absurd as you or I saying we are building and operating hospitals in Scotland’s fictional Brigadoon; they are the fantasies of a disturbed mind.

5 Although Samara Levy might believe she is doing the right thing for God, England and Israel, as her operation is now completely completely compromised, it is best for MI6/Mossad to cut its losses and to wind up her entire project and charge her with embezzlement and fraud.

6. As Samara Levy is the mother of two young children with the potentially fatal Fetal and Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (FNAIT), Rev White’s crew should not be using her for operations such as this. If it is seen that the vulnerable Ms Levy is neglecting her even more vulnerable children, then serious consideration should be given to putting both children into long-term care before the unspeakable happens.

AMAZON AXED THIS REVIEW axed by review, reprinted below, of Samara’s latest screed, even though I am a verified buyer, who bought  and read her nonsense. There is only one explanation for this: MI5’s  plans in the Anglican Evangelical Church got on to them to do this. Her book is a work of low-quality fiction, protected by the flimsiest of fig leafs that every single thing she does must be protected for security reasons.

Whereas Samara has been very secretive,  if not downright dishonest on every aspect  of her work, this American “pro-Assad” group has been the opposite. They display pictures and contact details of vulnerable people they have helped in Syria here.  When I paid for  an operation for a young (Muslim) girl, I was on a range of Syrian TV stations and Sally Hayden wrote of me:  “a visiting Irishman paid for a young girl’s heart operation.”

What Hayden omitted from her article is that I, the “visiting Irishman”, brought her and others to Syria and that neither she, nor Miguel, whom she mentions,  would have got into Syria without me. Had she looked further into Ashdown, whom she pimps up in this Newsweek article she would have seen his close links with Levy, who actually raised money in his wife’s church (when not tapping up Catholic children).

Thus, I am not despondent that Amazon/MI5 have censored me as it is hardly a bump upon the road to where I am going. As regards Samara, she is proof that the road to hell is paved with good and often bad intentions.

Alexander's Ashes: British Cultists in Syria

Up from the Ashes: A Syrian Christian Doctor’s Story of Sacrifice, Endurance And Hope Hardcover – 13 May 2021 by Samara Levy (Author), Dr. A (Author) Hodder & Stoughton (13 May 2021)

Dr Eskander Elias Deeb, the co-author fantasy work, is a Walter Mitty figure, who likes to be known as Dr A, as if he is God’s anointed cape-wearing James Bond type saviour of Syrians. Deeb professes to be “a specialist ICU, emergency care doctor and cardiac surgeon, with an additional specialism in disaster management” and he has “partnerships in numerous hospitals” in Syria. Samara Levy, his co-author, who claims to be an emergency nurse, tells us in her introduction that Deeb is “a natural and captivating story-teller” and he is indeed a teller of tall tales, albeit with so many ill-placed and irrelevant Biblical references that destroy any value or credibility their screed might otherwise have.

Deeb, who will be 43 in June 2021, claims to have a Harry Potter CV tailor made for Hollywood. Like Voltaire’s Dr Pangloss or the protagonist in Angela’s Ashes or a protagonist in Isaac Singer’s Yiddish classics, Dr A’s tales of adversity and woe are ones of continuous bubble bubble toil and trouble as he and his family escape their imagined ghetto, are punished, jailed, charged with murder and a host of other crimes but rise, to be top of the world, much like Jimmy Cagney does in White Heat.

This is all the more remarkable as Deeb’s Biblical rantings show a profound ignorance of and total disrespect for the Syriac Orthodox background of his father and the Latin Catholic background of his mother, as well as an appalling ignorance of Scripture and its uses that any lay Catholic or Syriac, let alone Syrian martyrs like Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, the Syriac Orthodox archbishop of Aleppo or Latin priest Father Francois Murad, who was beheaded in front of a baying mob of supposedly moderate rebels, would stand agape at. But then, Deeb ignorantly believes that Syrian clerics, unlike dodgy British Evangelical cults, don’t even know how to pray, even though Syria’s Assyrians have a renowned history of Christian mysticism

Although he is correct to say Samara has “a new way of understanding Jesus”, it is a bigoted and childishly ignorant one. Although, for example, p84 correctly informs us that “Deception and propaganda have been some of the most damaging weapons in this war”, Deeb and Levy bring that a bridge too far by telling us on p100 that “God brought our people to this land thousands of years ago through the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea”, which will be news to the peoples of Syria as well as the global Jewish community and, indeed, anyone who saw Charlton Heston outfox Yul Brynner in Hollywood’s The Ten Commandments classic.

The authors inform us on p118 that “Too many Syrian Christians have been living like the Jewish people and have missed out on so much because of this.” We learn that Syrians follow the “Law of Moses” (the real Moses presumably, not the rifle-toting Charlton Heston), that Syrian Christians are “unholy” and not “real and authentic” and, in chapter 12, that Jesus hung out in Homs, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor, where Deeb, the Kurds, the Turks, the Americans and their projects are now based and where their phantom hospitals have easy access to the gypsum Deeb uses as opposed to the plaster cash-starved Syria must make do with.

Once we remove the outer onion layers of Biblical saccharine, we are left with a fictional back story about Deeb being under threat of death in a Gulf State country, a lie that Christian officers never held senior commands in the Syrian Arab Army, “a Russian communist neigbour” of all people making trouble for Deeb (p185), a ridiculous assertion on p102 that the solution to Syria’s problems is “a true church” run by dodgy British evangelicals, that all NGOs, save that nominally run by Samara Levy are dishonest, that his father was threatened with death by a senior Syrian Army officer who was also a Muslim Brotherhood mob boss , that he could easily diagnose Disseminated Intravascular Caoagulation (DIC) on his first day as a cardiac surgeon student but that he was one of the very few Syrians who could do CPR (which one normally masters after two days, as Samara did when she was a school girl), that his Jesus complex, whereby he can save the terminally ill who are at death’s door by mumbling a prayer to Jesus is credible, that there are not thousands of other doctors who have stayed in government held Syria, that his jihadist colleagues went hoarse from shouting Allahu Akhbar all night like they were English soccer supporters and that he “set up medical points and small life-saving field hospitals”, which a note helpfully explains is “ a temporary hospital that treats casualties in hard-to-reach, dangerous or strategic areas”, an explanation we might never have discerned, had Samara and her sub-editors not written it and approved it.

Chapter 11 ends by telling us Samara, who sponsors Deeb, is honest, trust worthy and great. In Chapter 14, God tells Deeb to be a draft dodger and to work for a dodgy British charity as opposed to one of the many secular or religious hospitals that have continued to function in government-held Syria. Chapter 15 has the draft dodger doing carpentry “just like Jesus” , who personally tutored him in Sawing Plywood 101.

Although the authors, in best Harry Potter fashion, never mention any traceable contacts they work with or locations they operate in Syria, they do follow the follow Western narrative that all medical facilities have been destroyed and that only Western shysters can rebuild Syria. This is just untrue as, most likely, is the claim that Samara was under rocket attack in Damascus, that Miriam, Eskander’s wife who flits from being a school teacher to being a doctor, eats poisoned fruit from a tree in their garden and is saved by, what else, a prayer done properly by this pious plonker, who informs us that the Syrian war “is like a game against Jesus,” where only very dubious British Evangelicals with their own very dubious agendas are fighting St Paul’s good fight.

Although Eskander claims he stayed to save “Christianity and humanity” being “stamped out altogether in Syria,” that is precisely why Syria’s Christians, Muslims and Druze stayed and why so many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their people, whom Deeb belittles at every turn.

If this medical Rambo, who claims to be better than 1000 Florence Nightingales, had even a granule of their decency, he would work with them, instead of against them with ultra-secretive British evangelicals, who brought only misery to Iraq and are hell-bent on rinsing and repeating Iraq’s destruction on Syria.

Finally, although Dr A believes he has successfully dodged the Syrian draft, as that is not humanly possible, the only conclusion we can draw is it was not God, but Satan, The Great Deceiver, who lured him into that falsehood and into Samara’s motherly arms and that the same Satanic forces want us to swallow their cock and bull stories of these sectarian cultists, who collect money from Catholic school children in England to abuse the suffering of Syria’s Christians, Muslims and Druze for the basest of reasons.

Lord Haw Haw's Whores

April 24th 2021, Back Alley Sally Hayden published her first monthly article for the far right Irish Times. Sticking closely to her editorial policy, she launched an unhinged and uninformed attack on the Syrian Army Republic, whose people continue to suffer from the collusion of Lord and lady Haw Haws like her. I sent here and man y hundreds of others the following email:

Hi Sally:
I read your article in today’s Irish Times. Like everything you do, it is poor-quality, unsourced shit and we both know it. I presume you were instructed to write it, like you were instructed to write the hatchet job on the Mother Agnes/Ashdown MI5 clique, without naming “the Irishman” (me) who brought you to Syria and who paid for child’s heart operation out of his own (my) pocket. Fat chance of you doing anything like that as you are too busy covering up UNESCO’s child rapes in Africa. Why, incidentally, did you phone up Miguel and not me weeks afterwards for that story? I take it you were ordered to as independent thought or action would not be your strong card, would it?
Little wonder that you told me at Beirut Airport you would never be back to Syria. Little wonder as you are such a pathetic spoilt brat of a liar, obviously a product of your pampered upbringing by that mad Can Can dancing mother of yours Jolly good show on your Fake News Book deal about “refugees” fleeing NATO’s slave trading Libyan Caliphate, where you again concoct phantom “sources” like you & MI5/BBC did in Syria and, as you did, in today’s Irish Times. Do interview Mary Fitzgerald’s Irish ISIS pals in Libya (and Ballyer). And the Irish Navy’s top brass, who collude in the people smuggling scam to get cushy office numbers with PESCO’ Kriegsmarine. Congrats also on the Irish Times naming you the German School’s most famous alumnus: more famous than Dinny O’Brien or Paul Murphy TD, both of whom also have Pinnochio problems.
Regarding your complaint about bombs dropping on Damascus. You should ask Caelainn Hogan about that. She and her Spanish toy boy fled half naked in the middle of the night because your ISIS heroes were bombing us. I laughed as she ran away with her tail between her lanky legs; ISIS bombs are ok for Syrian Christians but not for you lot. Though I had both Caelainn Hogan’s and your numbers (and, as she can attest from Beirut, other scumbags too), the difference is I did not then have to physically hold anyone back from beating the living shit out of you, as I did with her. I’ll not prick your bubble; your self-serving lies are safe with me, for now. But make no  mistake. As you are complicit in war crimes, you are a war criminal. Cash in your chips. Follow the lead of people trafficker slapper Chantal McCabe. Hit Elm Park’s G&T circuit. Emulate your mother. Dance like a performing pig for the NYT. Beats Lord Haw Haw, your fellow journalist, who danced at the end of a rope.
PS: I am sending a copy of this to Sr Brigid Doody, who told me afterwards how you tried to trick her into condemning “Assad” but she could see through you, as you are just a thicko like your Can Can dancing mother and your cement munching grand father.
PPS:  Assad will romp home as the majority of Syrians who have remained in Syria are loyal to their homeland. What kind of moron are you that you think most Syrians have fled Syria. They are still resisting the sanctions you and your fellow idiots are so proud of.

World Economic Forum's Great Reset

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. And of the fall of Troy. And of Dublin’s 1916 Rebellion. And of the birth of Lord Haw Haw.

I began it by sending  an abrasive email to Sally Hayden, a modern day Lady Haw Haw, as she had published her first regular article as a “foreign expert” in The Irish Times. My email pointed out some of her more glaring whoppers, which she did to keep in well with her NATO handlers. We will return to Back Alley Sally in a later post.

I also read three of Klaus Schwab’s books on the Great Rest (Covid-19: The Great Reset; Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; The Fourth Industrial Revolution). All of them were written and written well in recent years. They are more in the form of semi-academic articles but the read much better. They are all very similar in tone, focus and content.

Schwab points out that we are in a Brave New Industrial World and that the wealth generating potential of today’s disruptive industries dwarfs anything history has hitherto seen. Although Schwab uses a very broad brush approach, if you click anywhere through this crucial inter-active graphic, you will see that inter-connected research is being conducted on every bristle of his brush from religion to The Internet of Things.

Charging Schwab ans his cohorts with hiding in plain sight  is like levelling the same charge against the British or Roman Empires when they were at their peak. They are the only game in town.

But all games have winners and losers and Schwab does not deny this.  Losers include the poor of India who are being dumped on pyres in alarming numbers and those countries like Russia and Syria, who aspire to be something more than dumping grounds for the products of NATO’s favoured nations. Schwab and his backers view all those as impediments that must be removed. Technocrats like Schwab are dangerous fellows.




Touts, Traitors, Trouble

The photos below, top left, show long term British agent with long term British agents Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams.  Donaldson is also pictured, 1st column 3 down, in the iconic photo of Bobby Sands, whose legacy has been hijacked by Danny Morrison, his former drinking pal (and close pal of Gerry Adams, shown with Liam, his child sex abusing brother, bottom left hand corner). Sandwiched in between the two photos of Adams is that of ex Irish Army Intelligence officer Ed Horgan, who was parachuted into the head of  Trinity College’s Security after he  left G2. In Trinity, he would have liaised with G2 there as it is their job to keep an eye on up and coming radical intellectuals and to turn them if possible

The second column shows a kiddy fiddling book Amazon pimp (relevant, given the amount of kiddy fiddlers like  Denis Donaldson G2 and MI5 turned), coz player Niall Farrell (who works closely with show boater Ed Horgan in disrupting Irish anti war activities) and far famed SAS leader Frank Kitson who wrote Low Intensity Operations, the bible of modern day conflicts. The SAS murdered Niall’s sister when she and some other IRA Volunteers tried to  blow up Gibraltar’s The Hole in the Wall Bar, because homosexual members of the Royal Navy drank there.

The next column shows us former SAS leader Major General John Holmes DSO, OBE, MC, who the Syrians were stupid enough to invite to Damascus. Below him is a picture of the  CIA evacuating their Saigon Embassy. When Billy McKee, a veteran Belfast  leader IRA, died of old age, coz player Niall attacked him for not opposing the Vietnam war as he probably did from the comfort of his East German bolt hole.

At the bottom of the second column is Niall’s East German wife, Jenny, who holds down a job teaching Irish to  native Irish language speakers.  German Jenny falsely and stupidly claims writers I studied in school are not taught at school because they are working class. Jenny lied that she was in Syria when Niall started fights because he was not the centre of attention. Ed Horgan was with him, though he did not have his dancing medals with him: this former G2 man dispensed with them during protests against the Iraq war and thereby put himself at the centre of all anti war activity in Ireland, something his former G2 mates would find very useful.

At the bottom of the third column is Andrew Ashdown, an Anglican vicar who has  insinuated himself into Syria and who Niall wanted to  insinuate into  Ireland. He is pictured with his wife, who is also at the vicar scam. They take many foreign holidays together and Andrew collects funds to pay for his foreign jaunts. The  photo at the top right corner is of Andrew Ashdown with Fadia Laham, a dodgy Melkite (and former Carmelite) nun, who flies her Irish toy boy, Alan Lonergan, to Lebanon and Australia; she thinks Israel, which bombs Syria, is the light of the world. She likes to disrupt Indian journalists conducting interviews. Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, who the Israelis unjustly jailed, would have nothing to do with her, near or far, as he regarded her as a crook and a gangster, who caused schisms in the Melkite Church; Fadia has all kinds of questions to answer regarding the bribes she dispenses. The two clerics are attending a pro terrorist conference in Scotland with Vanessa Beeley, whose father was a top  British MI5 agent; Vanessa ran many dubious “charities” in his name.

In the bottom right hand corner is a screed by Samara Levy I critically reviewed i Amazon. Andrew Ashdown regards Samara, who preached in his wife’s plushy church, as a good egg, perhaps because she loathes Syria’s Christians.




Covid19 is an excellent opportunity to kill the poor. This may be seen by comparing and looking at the Philippines. As the video across shows, some 80% of Pinoys are now queueing up to get basic food provisions to keep them alive. Although churches and other civil society groups are doing their best, a penny for the beggar solves nothing.

Closing down the economy has drained 80% of the ordinary Pinoys of the little wherewithal they have and the Duterte regime is watching the food pantries closely lest the serfs get any ideas above their station.

Why, you ask, do the farmers simply farm? The reason is given in Prov 22:7: “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender.” Farmers have to borrow and, if they cannot borrow, they cannot sow rice, raise crops or raise animals. As farmers go broke, the rich can buy up their farms.

And who is the USA’s biggest  farm owner? None other than Bill Gates, the son of a eugenicist and who, as they say, has more money than God. Gates wants us eating artificial food because “animals poop”.

Animals? Look what KFC are doing to chickens. This is what deregulation is all about. Removing safeguards, letting the markets rip and to hell with the consequences for the poor and truly vulnerable.


How galling the start of the Iraq War must have been for George Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party for opposing it. It was obvious to anyone paying any attention that the war was built on a tissue of lies told by American supremacist Colin Powell, Israeli supremacist Ben Netanyahu and a cast of characters which included the young slapper below, a membver of the Kuwaiti “Royal” Family. It has since emerged that those like Dodgy Dave Cameron, who instigated the Libyan war, were every bit as corrupt as Tony Blair and those other war criminals who destroyed Iraq.

Fast forward to today and Ireland is promoting spoofers like Razan Ibraheem, a Syrian Alawite, who has brought her entire extended family to  Ireland, even though neither she nor they were ever in any danger from the fighting. Razan abandoned her country and her compatriots to aid those looting her homeland.

Bad and all as she is, Gerry Horkan, newly re-elected to he Irish Senate, is much worse. Listen to him speak to the  MEK cultists about the regime  in Iran and many other regimes, which is a word he loves to repeat over and over again.  Though the  MEK have a sliding pay scale, US$1,000 a minute is the normal for speakers. Gerry is doing well there speaking on matters he knows nothing about. Those who suffer as a result of MEK’s terrorism are doing less well.

But that is where we are. Jumped up Irish peasants whoring themselves out for the Yankee dollar and to hell with the collateral damage to Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Iranians.


Wall Street Wars

Stock markets reflect the world as it is, not the world as it should be. If you can read the entrails of Wall St, all always makes sense. The Dow Jones and the S&P, together with oil, currency and other metrics, are weather vanes.

The wars in the Middle East, including NATO’s war crimes in Syria, Libya, Gaza and Yemen, are not impacting oil prices. That shows NATO and their Wall St owners are happy with the rape and pillage. Markets, they say, are correcting and, when the dust settles, Syrians and Yemeni who survive will, like those in Gaza, be forced to settle for little more than crumbs.

The defence (sic) stocks that help exterminate them are booming. Business is good, human guinea pig experiments in Gaza, Libya and Syria are going well and orders are flooding in form Saudi Arabia, Qatar and, as George Bush jokingly called them, other “emerging democracies.”

The Covid19 bump is going well too. Big Pharma, always the sweetest part of Wall Street, is literally making a killing with their viruses and vaccine updates. Small businesses, kulaks, are being eliminated and food banks are booming. Life is good, for those that count and carbon taxes to keep the riff raff in place will make it better still.


Trojan Horses April 24th 1184BC-April 24, 2021

April 24 is the anniversary of the sack of Troy, when Helen’s lot allowed the enemy to get within their gates by this famous ruse. The ancient Jews were past masters of such ruses, which helped them capture Jericho with the help of Rahab, the hooker.

The Vietminh and Viet Cong did not suffer such fools; they killed them and won. The problem today is there are no clear signs, MI5, like a cancer, has infested everything and almost everyone.

Ignatius Loyola spoke about the two flags of war, one good, one bad fighters rallied around, We now get these conflicting signs every time we switch on a TV or go to social media. Legions of nitwits are employed to to confuse us and blur the lines. Until we can distinguish fair from foul, wheat from chaff, friend from foe, we cannot  move forward (if forward is the right way to go).

Pascal told us us the Trojan war was fought over the size of Helen’s nose and that the causes of all other wars were harder to discern. That is true at only one level. It is the same cardinal sins of greed, gluttony and avarice which have always driven wars. Until we deal with today’s Trojan horses, it will always be the same.

Coz Play Super Spreaders

The coz play circus across is a Covid19 super spreader event for Bobby Storey, a Gerry Adams Belfast side kick. Even as these coz players were demanding everyone stay locked up if they knew what was good for them, these gangsters assembled to strut their stuff on the Falls Road for this clown, who was not even buried where they had their rally. So, as ordinary decent Belfast people were debarred from burying their dead, these overlords strutted their  stuff for a bank robbing bone breaker they have built  into something he was not. Mary Lou McDonald then returned to Dublin to send condolences to Her Majesty the Queen on the passing of Prince Philip and Gerry Adams, who gave the speech, went back to selling Easter eggs to commemorate hunger strikers and tweet from his bath full of rubber ducks. None of that is made up. All of it is part of MI5’s process to emasculate opposition and turn it into a coz play parody.

Lord Haw Haws April 24 1906-April 24 2021

Hi Sally:
Jolly good show on your Fake News Book deal about “refugees” fleeing NATO’s slave trading Libyan Caliphate, where you again use phantom “sources” like you & MI5/BBC did in Syria. Handy phantoms! Do interview Mary Fitzgerald’s Irish ISIS pals in Libya (and Ballyer). And the Irish Navy’s top brass, who collude in the people smuggling scam to get cushy office numbers with PESCO’ Kriegsmarine. Congrats also on the Irish Times naming you the German School’s most famous alumnus: more famous than Dinny O’Brien or Paul Murphy TD, both of whom also have Pinnochio problems.
Though I had both Caelainn Hogan’s and your numbers (and, as she can attest from Beirut, others too), the difference is I did not then have to physically hold anyone back from beating the living shit out of you. I’ll not prick your bubble; your self-serving bullshit is safe with me, for now. But do cash in your chips. Follow the lead of people trafficker slapper Chantal McCabe. Hit Elm Park’s G&T circuit. Emulate your mother. Dance like a performing pig for the NYT.
Though you and your mother can, of course, Carry On Up the Dodder, The Economist calling Asma Assad history’s first war lord in high heels puts you South side slappers, if not yet in the dock, definitely in countless unseen cross hairs. Yemen’s Houthis have turned the tide, as the Soviets did at Stalingrad on their way to Berlin and as Russia this week has done on the Black Sea and in Donbass. If Tsar Alexander reached Paris, who is to say your mother & her fellow nutters might not end up dancing to their tune when they liberate Clonskeagh?
Interesting times, as the Chinese Defence Forces say.

Lord Haw Haw's Whores

April 24 is the anniversary of the birth of William Joyce,  Lord Haw Haw, the Irish Anglophile the British hanged as a traitor. Though they can kill the M I5 connected fascist propagandist, they cannot kill all of MI5’s mouthpieces. The video across shows Ruth Sherlock, one of many ISIS groupies, priming other young mercenaries to help the ISIS/CIA campaign by telling lies in the mainstream media. When Sherlock started off working for MI5 in Syria, she was a greenhorn but they taught her to be a better liar. Now she teaches others. Irish liars like Sally Hayden and Caelainn Hogan could do with some refresher courses. Hogan sees Russian troops everywhere (bad liar) and is reduced  to speaking at pro ISIS rallies in Dublin ‘s Trinity College on behalf of cut throats whose mortars she fled from with her Spanish toy boy in their nighties. Neither Lord nor Lady Haw Haw reduced themselves to that level.

Tipperary Terrorist Apologists

The video opposite features a protest against the White Helmets terrorist group, when they got the CIA/Moonies controlled Tipperary Peace Prize. The video is important for a number of reasons. The way the spokesperson handles Ronan Tynan,  the dodgy terrorist apologist conducting the interview, is a master class on how to deal with MI5 agents. The protest helped expose the degree to which Ireland’s defence forces are under the thumb of MI5 and the  CIA, who run events like this on an ongoing basis with the collusion of their agents. It also meant Tynan exposing himself. Tynan has come after my publishers and has set far right journalists like Norma Costello on me. If there is to be peace in the world, Tynan and his cult of impressionable wanna be journalists need to be dealt with. The fact that his sidekick says they are pro Palestinian is telling. Informers and those in the pay of notorious former SAS gunman Paul Conroy are not on the side of the angels. They kill the angles and, in Tynan’s case, boast of doing just that in the letters papers of the Irish Times.


Revolutionary Coz Play

Irish Mercenaries and Informers at Play

The above video shows the return to Ireland of the bodies of Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg, both of whom died on hunger strike in English prisons. Note in particular the coz play actors and sundry other actors handling their coffins. These people were low level criminals, who attached themselves to the “revolutionary” cause for pecuniary gain. They stole money, identity papers and even family heirlooms from the families of their heroes, people like Stagg and Gaughan, who were imprisoned and died to make these low level criminals rich. These are people who boasted about the rapes they committed and, like other criminals, they were in this “revolutionary” movement from the start. Most Wesndesday nights,  they could be found in the bars around Parnelss Square with Denis Donaldson, Sean O’Callaghan, Danny Morrison and their other comrades, swapping yarns and passing their audio surveillance tapes to their Special Branch handlers. 

They are the bile that made bitter the patriot’s mead. The Kurds are full of low life swine like these. Mad to play coz play but all the time dealing from the bottom of the deck, stealing, raping, informing. Remember these vermin on 24 April, the anniversary of both the 1916 Rising in Dublin (which they use as an excuse to dress up in their coz play finery) and of the Armenian genocide when the cuddly Kurds massacred Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Assyrians by the millions.

11916 coz play rising dublin

Most wrongly think Hans Christen Andersen’s fable ends with everybody laughing at the naked emperor. They are wrong. After his vanity is exposed, the emperor deliberately continues walking regardless, and his chamberlains hold up his non-existent train with even more dignity than before. He might have been unmasked; he might have been humiliated. But he is not removed from power, and at most, all of his people can say was that he was tricked—in a deception they were initially more than willing to join. It’s both a harsh criticism of NATO’s politicians, and an acknowledgement of the potential limitations of speaking the truth to them and their flunkeys.
Though Andersen’s fable is myth, NATO’s war crimes in Iraq and Syria are all too real, and true journalists, like Julian Assange, who still rot away in a maximum security British prison, have found out the hard way the problems speaking truth to their power entails.
The facts are simple enough. The USA and its satellites deliberately set out to destroy sovereign nations like Libya, Iraq and Syria by any means possible, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against the peace, all crimes for which Hitler’s generals, propagandists and sundry enforcers were hanged at Nuremberg. Using these Nuremberg principles as our metric, America’s warlords and their legions of media flunkeys deserve the rope.
But they are not alone. Irish politicians, in their greed to land cushy numbers in Europe, lie their sanctions harm only the guilty. Then we have spectacles like the White Helmets terrorist gang pretending they are not cold blooded killers. And Sultan Erdoğan lying he is not a war monger and thief. And NGOs like GOAL and Trócaire happy to be funding the Syrian-based terrorists and thieves.

Where does all that leave us this Holy Thursday, 2021? In Ireland, the government have made it a crime to attend Mass. This is the same government that hounds members of Irish sporting bodies for daring to even practice but that allows minority games that have no public support do as they wilt. This is the same government that gloats that its sanctions on Syria are killing women and children with gay abandon. The same, incompetent government that terrorises old women in Ireland even as it kills babies and old women in Syria with their sanctions.
What then of our fourth estate, our glorious media, paid well above their pay scale to hold the gangsters to account but who collude with them every step of the way. Check out the Irish Times. They call for sanctions on Myanmar. Sanctions on Yemen. Sanctions on Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela and every other country that is not under Uncle Sam’s boot. Though the articles, editorials and op eds in the Irish Times are that bad they would shame a special needs’ school student, their stenographers are happy to take the money, and more. They even want the Irish government to tithe us to fund their papers that so very few read. The government is happy to do that as it blocks out discussion and dissent.
And what of us and what of me? We all have a choice to make. We can spend our lives obeying the government, vegetating on our sofas as they want us to do Or we can try to make a difference.
For my part, I have decided to see Syria through to the end. Cynics can say we will not make a difference and we should instead waste our lives glued to Great British Bake Off as life passes us by. But life has to have a meaning beyond whatever trinkets those who lord over us allow us. In today’s circumstances, for many of us, the only life worth living is the life that tries to make positive change. I am trying to do that by getting people to Syria, to witness genocide for themselves and to help those who stood up against the tyranny of NATO’s Willing Executioners.