Crucifying Assange and Other Apostles of Freedom

Solitary individuals, no matter how heroic or venerable, are not enough to rid our beautiful world of NATO’s Ali Babas, despicable creatures like Bolton, Bush, Blair, or Albright.

Before the CIA scrubbed them from Google, George Galloway’s Russia Today series of interviews with a range of characters from all parts of the global political spectrum was an eclectic sea of information. One such interview was with Anglican priest and very prominent Christian Zionist critic Rev Stephen Sizer. After Galloway made the point that he had ways of defending himself, he asked Sizer the brilliantly incisive question as to how Sizer could defend himself against his many NATO critics.

It later transpired that Sizer couldn’t. When Sizer sent some innocuous message to his 300 or so Facebook followers, his Mossad critics within the Anglican Church set the BBC, the Guardian and a host of NATO’s other hounds on him which enabled the Anglican hierarchy to cow Sizer into shameful silence until his family could break financially free from that cult’s clutches.

Though Galloway, meanwhile, lost his Russia Today slot because of NATO’s censorship of that outlet, he still has a number of popular social media outlets, where he is wrongly labelled as being a Russian media outlet, which he clearly is not. Further, as he must wear a hat to cover serious head injuries he sustained as a result of a frenzied physical attack by Zionist fanatics on him. Galloway, not unlike the martyred Darya Dugina, clearly has self protection problems of his own to contend with in these, our current witch hunting and heretic burning days.

Galloway’s mate, former London Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone, is in the same boat. Livingstone’s crime, for which he too was manhandled (by a rather rabid Labour MP), was that he alluded, in his North London vernacular, to the historically documented collusion between the Third Reich and European Zionism during the early years of Hitler’s reign. Livingstone was but one of very many heretics, who were either expelled or suspended from the British Labour Party, which is now led by a fervent Zionist, whose politics is so far to the right that it is indistinguishable from either the British Tories or, for that matter, Genghis Khan.

Though Galloway and those other dissidents who are still at large may be wily old foxes, who can weave, twist and turn on a pin, today’s wonder is the almost universal adulation the media bestow not on the wizened, old fox but on the hounds and their NATO masters. Leaving aside the fact that the charges against Sizer, Livingstone and others were totally spurious, Albion’s famous man on the Clapham Omnibus never got the chance to hear their side of the story. Livingstone, Sizer and countless others we mentioned in previous articles stood framed on charges of modern heresy by the BBC, the Guardian and similar outfits that would be laughing stocks if they were not so well protected by the system they doggedly serve.

We already came across Robert Stuart, whose work should have led to very serious war crimes’ charges against Jimmy Savile’s BBC employers, whose top employees are still fabricating war stories. And, though I devoted an entire article to Sally Hayden’s fantasy screed about Libyan refugees, her work continues to win both awards and plaudits, as if we were all living in some warped Hans Christian Andersen or Alice in Wonderland fable.

Though Julian Assange is, of course, living through an unspeakable nightmare in his London prison cell, there is, as the late Bishop Donal Lamont remarked on his Rhodesian incarceration and as the great Russian (and global) writer Dostoevsky remarked on his own Siberian exile, much to be said for a life of contemplation in prison. One of the positives, in a sea of negatives regarding Assange, is how his family as well as some stalwarts like Roger Waters and Pamela Anderson have fought the good fight on his behalf. Particularly delicious more recently was how Stella Moris, his wife, skewered American war criminal and Vietnam draft dodger John Bolton in this recent high profile exchange. Though caged foxes like Assange can consider themselves blessed to have such champions, what are we to think of Bolton and, more especially here, his minions, who lack the grace of a wolfhound, a greyhound, a dachshund or, indeed, any four legged hound or, for that matter, scurrying rat?

Take the case of Caroline Farrow who is a devout English Catholic house wife. Farrow was arrested whilst making the family dinner, handcuffed, carted off to prison, intrusively searched for drugs and more, all because sex change zealots reported her to England’s Thought Gestapo for politely objecting on social media to the way the Tavistock Institute, a now totally discredited Mengele like operation, was conducting the most unconscionable of experiments on young and vulnerable English boys and girls.

Take NATO’s Irish colony, where evangelical Christian Enoch Burke still languishes in a high security prison for asserting that boys are not girls, and girls are not boys, whilst the regime’s over-paid hirelings mock him on social media and in the Irish Parliament. Or fascist Canada, which has sanctioned Iran’s Press TV which, whatever its other faults, did some excellent reporting on how the Israeli state looted the private libraries of Palestinians during the Nakba. Or Germany which, in shades of their own darker days, persecutes its own election observers and reporters, as only Germany, which has its own multiplicity of political and media scandals, can. Or let’s go to Saudi Arabia, whose Foreign Minister is telling Reuters that his government is sick of the lies Reuters and affiliated media tell.

For the truth seems to be that the British media, and indeed, all of NATO’s media, lie for a living. And, as our penny catechisms told us, lying profanes speech which is meant to communicate truth. And, though I should say here that the BBC are past masters of lying, the above attests otherwise. More accurate, perhaps, to say the BBC are the more polished liars for, if we take RTE or the Irish Times, Vichy Ireland’s equivalents, they are far clumsier. And, though pointing that out might win some meaningless brownie points at a school debate, the clumsiness of RTE, the Irish Times and even the BBC is enough to carry the day where it counts.

Once the BBC’s MI5 controllers set their sights on a Jeremy Corbyn, a Ken Livingstone or some other target, then it is tally ho, release the hounds and badger the fox. And, whatever honor or delight might be in a real fox hunt, where horses and hounds do what they are trained to do, there is no honor but only unbridled contempt in badgering an Alina Lipp, a Stefan Schaller, a Stephen Sizer, an Enoch Burke, a Caroline Farrow, a Darya Dugina, a Donal Lamont, a Martin Niemöller, a Robert Kennedy, a Martin Luther King Jnr or a Julian Assange.

At the start of the Boer genocideIrish peace activist James Connolly told us that apostles of peace are ever idolized when dead, but crucified when living and so it seems to be with the aforementioned. But, why should that be so? Why must they be martyred as we crouch behind our couches? Putin would, no doubt, prefer to be fishing for salmon in Siberia than being forced to stop genocide on his country’s Western borderlands; Assange would prefer to be reading childish tales to his children than slopping out in a high security NATO prison; Burke has attested that he wants to be teaching in school and not pacing around an Irish prison yard for a maximum of an hour a day; and Caroline Farrow has four young children to raise.

And there are, as Alina Lipp’s Alley of Angels and the monuments to slaughtered Shia and Alawi children in Syria I saw, or the martyred Afghan Hazara children NATO continue to kill attest, many others, who are infinitely worse off. But the answers to resolving all of that lie in our penny catechisms and their Muslim and other equivalents which, if we take them to heart, tell us to oppose not only the lies of the late genocidal apologist Madeleine Albright but all of NATO’s paid liars, both big and small, in Canada, in the BBC, in RTE, the Guardian and all their EU, NATO, MI5 and German funded clones.

And, though for the sake of symmetry, the above paragraph should have ended this piece, recall that the staff and students of Georgetown University, the flagship educational institution of the Pope’s Jesuit brand, lauded Albright, their “beloved Professor and human rights advocate.” And therefore, though Ephesians 6:12 correctly tells us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil, we must note that spiritual force of evil has permeated its way not only into the BBC and Georgetown, but into every decision making NATO nuke, cranny and node throughout the Western world, obnoxious Denmark included.

Though the joke goes that Norway surrendered to the Nazis in a week, that Denmark surrendered in a day and that Sweden surrendered by a telephone call, the phrase to lie down like a Dane has, it seems, lost none of its resonance, judging by the manner in which they helped their NATO masters lay waste to Iraq, bomb the Syrian Army (in Eastern Syrian, not in Denmark) and now, according to Russian spokesperson, Maria Zacharova, the deaf and dumb Danes refuse to have an open, free and fair investigation into NATO’s Nord Stream terrorist attack, which their supposed allies perpetrated literally in Denmark’s own backyard. Why, in the name of Christ, should anyone pay any heed to what any Danish “influencer” with their Lego sets, their Ecco shoes and their NATO weapons of mass destruction has to say about anything?

For, though great works of literature like Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables and Lion Feuchtwanger’s Transfiguration of Rousseau posit the role of the individual battling the evils of this world, solitary individuals, no matter how heroic or venerable, are not enough to rid our beautiful world of NATO’s Ali Babas, despicable creatures like Bolton, Bush, Blair, Albright and the Danish Royal Family included,. Because their nests of networks must also be uprooted so that the 40 million and more thieves and liars anchoring them and their entire rotten system may also be cast adrift, we must develop new modes of organizing and networking before NATO’s sound of the siren comes crying too for us in the morning.

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Declan Hayes

Declan Hayes

Declan Hayes is a retired Professor of Finance and best selling author, who has fought for human rights in the Fertile Crescent, as well as his native Ireland.

Solitary individuals, no matter how heroic or venerable, are not enough to rid our beautiful world of NATO’s Ali Babas, despicable creatures …