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Sr Brigid Doody

Righteous Amongst The Syrians

Sr Brigid (Bridie) Doody is an Irish Salesian nun and retired mid-wife. Though in her mid 80s, she and her fellow (Italian & Syrian) nuns are doing great work in Damascus, Aleppo and many other places as well.  I currently pass on any money collected to her as she spends all of it on Syria’s neediest women and babies, buying baby milk powder, cooking oil, diapers, fuel and other basics. This is quite separate from the nuns’ hospital, religious and other work: they are busy, seless heroes.

Sr Doody is a credit to her order, to her religion, to her native and adopted countries and to those of who support her great work. DONATE TO SYRIANS IN SYRIA NOW

Break The Siege of Syria: 2011-2021

I have been to Syria umpteen times during NATO’s current genocide campaign. The flag waving photos were taken in Maaloula on Easter Sunday 2014. Irish backed terrorists murdered three local journalists there that morning and the British media lied that President Assad was not there, walking through the same ruined churches and looted cathedrals that I walked in the company of the Christian leaders of Syria and Lebanon that same afternoon. On Easter Monday, having read the British papers, I was on Lebanese TV saying outright the NATO media were bare faced liars. I also drew attention to North American narcissists saying they rather than the Syrians who were murdered were the targets of mortars outside our hotel.

Let’s be blunt. NATO, its allies, its proxies and its NGO toadies have committed the most awful war crimes in Syria, Maaloula included. They do this all the time in countries and societies they have targeted. All the nonsense they spew about President Assad and his family were previously spewed about Iraq, the difference being that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, housed the Assad family in Buckingham Palace very shortly before her militias waged war on Syria. Talk about Damascene moments.

The crimes committed against Syria, like those committed against Gaza, Yemen, Libya and a thousand other places NATO’s military, NATO’s NGOs and NATO’s media invade, call to the heavens for redress.  But that ain’t gonna happen. Syria’s Christian leaders have Western doors slammed in their faces as they plead for aid to save Syria’s legions of child heroes. NATO’s Willing Executioners are killing Syrians with their sanctions, their proxies and  even their own armies and air forces. Your aid won’t be a tipping point but it will help those who get it.

The Salesian nuns at the Italian Hospital play Sophie’s Choice every day, deciding where to deploy the pennies and half pennies they scrape together. Their focus is on buying baby powder milk as babies without calcium will grow up deformed. I have seen the results in Japan where the survivors of the US’ atomic bombs and blanket bombing grew up L shaped as the perpetrators, then and now, snore smugly in their beds. You can sleep a little easier in your bed if you click on the links and donate.


One Million Untold stories

The Power of Love

Though I never really got the Christian stuff about loving your neighbour, others, the Italian and Irish nuns of the Salesian Order in Syria in particular, did. They put up with years of NATO’s Free Syrian Army shelling them and, those reprobates having fled with their rat-like tails between their legs to Ireland, their Syrians still endure their death dealing sanctions When Jesus was born, the angels said “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests”. Thus should it be but it has a hell of a distance to go first. I have donated to the Assyrian school in Aleppo these child orphans reside in. Irish based rebels shelled them for years on end.


Love Story

Syria has far too many tragic love stories. The women, pictured below, holding up pictures of their martyred sons. The women of Saydnaya, who entertained us. The orphans housed by the nuns in the Convent of Saidnaya. The Armenian lady I am photographed with in Kesab, a refugee for the third time (but no Irish visa or Irish help for her as she is legit and not a head hacker). Me, photographed under a memorial to the Christian martyrs of Maaloula, their throats slit for rejecting the head hackers Trócaire, the Irish Catholic agency, bank rolled in the East Ghouta Caliphate with your donations.



A Journey of love Together

Who else is in the montage below? Syria’s Grand Mufti, whose son was murdered. Ivana Bacik, the Czech who double jobs as an Irish Senator and a professor at Trinity College, found that hilarious and a chance to sound off.

Syrian soldiers giving me a lift in Latakia and Syrian soldiers enjoying ice cream on down time in Damascus. They live on cigarettes and maté, the caffeine packed Argentinian drink Pope Francis swigs back.


I GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY TO SR BRIGID DOODY Your taxes pay for the head hackers.

Heroes of syria

Meet your Victims

University  Students

God’s Own People

These university  students helped me a lot for a conference in Damascus on the 100thh anniversary of the Armenian genocide. A Christian, a Sunni and a Shia, each with interesting tales of hope and joy to tell. I met so many wonderful kids, each of them having their dreams and lives shattered by the West’s fat arsed Ivana Baciks. DONATE TO SYRIAN CHILDREN


Defiant Druze

God’s Own People

A Palestinian Christian and a Druze, out voting for President Assad in 2014. Although Syria’s Ba’ath Party got the vote out, there was no real choice, not because of “Assad” but because turkeys do not vote to have their throats slit at Christmas and nor do Syrians. There has never been one solitary square inch in terrorist held Syria where minorities, foreign paymasters excepted, were safe.  NATO know that but NATO’s game is lies, deceit, murder, rape and pillage. DONATE TO SYRIAN CHILDREN


Armenians always in the cross hairs

God’s Own People

I met this Armenian in the Armenian town of Kessab. She had been made a refugee for the third time. I was the first foreigner to get there and the evidence I got was pretty compelling. The old hostages being paraded in front of the US Ambassador to Turkey and his long legged wife, who enjoyed the spectacle of The Dance of the Hebrew Slaves. Such is the ongoing Armenian genocide