save syria's children

Mr Yones Suliman MD


Thoracic Surgeon

Mr Maan Al Asmi FRCS

Consultant cosmetic surgeon

Mr Hamoud Hamed

Consultant General surgeon and Bariatric surgery

Mr Mohammed Ali Nahas

Vascular surgeon

Dr Yosra Hada

Consultant ophthalmology

Dr Ali Khadam MRCP

Consultant intervention cardiologist

Mr Hossam Hadid MD

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Mr Jaber Ibrahim MD

Orthopedic and joint surgeon

Mr Bashar Al Nahas FRCS

Consultant urologist

Mr Bashar IZat FRCS (C-TH)

Consultant adult cardiac surgeon

Medical Team Damascus

All of our team have been trained to the highest standards in Syria’s leading universities before obtaining further qualifications and extensive experience in Europe. The small cross sample of our team across have been trained in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and all are accredited there.

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    Why choose syrian hospitals?

    • Excellent private medical services in all specialties in Damascus
    • Unbeatable prices
    • Surgeons and support staff trained and accredited to highest international standards
    • Excellent care at very competitive prices in hospitals run by the Italian Order of Salesian nuns.
    • All inclusive prices to and from Beirut or Damascus Airports, handled by professional Syrian tour companies
    • Damascus office run by Dr Roba Al Khaddour (PhD, Bremen, perfectly fluent in German, English and Arabic), assisted by qualified office staff fluent in French, Spanish and Italian.
    • Declanito runs MBA Courses for Damascus University’s Medical professors and allied consultants.
    • All major Western languages spoken
    • Russian, Japanese, Cantonese, Hokkien & Mandarin interpreters
    • You can also sponsor operations in all fields for children in need.
    • You can also donate to the Italian Hospital, to Dar El Shefaa Hospital or to one of the other private hospitals we support

      sample procedures: Guideline prices

      Travel, hotels etc extra, of course.

    • Knee Endoprosthetics(Total): $7,750
    •  Hip Replacement (Total): $9,750
    • Prostate (TUR): $2,750.
    • Mastectomy: $2,750.
    • Diagnostic coronary angiography: $950
    • Coronary angiogram with PTCA: $2,750
    • Coronary Artery By Pass Graft: $9,750
    • Heart Screening: $270
    • Health Check up package (Men): $450
    • Health Check up package (Women): $190
    • Eye examination package: $120
    • Delivery package: $1,250
    • Delivery package (caesarean): $1,950

    Be A Medical Tourist  in Syria

    fill up the form below and we and our partners in Damascus will be in touch

    Though Syria has come late to the huge medical tourism market, she comes with many advantages as well as the well known constraints she labours under. First off, Damascus has a very large cadre of trained specialists and surgeons, many of whom have held top positions in the USA, in the Gulf and in Europe  until their country’s needs called them home.  Although medics were a high priority target for the ISIS rebels, most of them survived and, in Damascus, almost all of the hospitals continued to function.  These hospitals need your money but what can they do for you in return?

    Anything the British NHS can do for you, Syria’s private hospitals can also do, but at a highly competitive price compared to prices elsewhere. You name it, they can do it.

    All advanced and complicated surgeries are available in all specialties with 5 star treatment through the al Shefaa and (Salesian) French & Italian private hospital networks. Cosmetic surgery and similar procedures are also available. All surgeons, consultants and doctors have advanced Western qualifications. Private accommodation is available serviced flats. 4 and 5 stars Hotels.

    This site is just a clearing house for such services, a fixer to put you on their operating theatres and return you safe  and sound to your home. That being so, it is a multi step process. You fill the form below, as well as the one on the Visit Syria page, which will handle the logistics of airport transfers, putting you up in a 5 star hotel (for around $65US to $85 US per head), keeping your family/companions entertained and so on. 

    Note these are just guideline prices and are affected by currency exchange rates and so on. Although hotel and similar prices are in US dollars, other prices are in Syrian lira, which is currently very competitive. You skip the lines and queues back home, you get the services of trained professionals and they and their staff get paid. Win-win.

    So, there you have it. Visit Damascus, put yourself under the care of world class processionals, recuperate at your ease and luxuriate in the world’s oldest and most cultured city.

    fill up the form below as well as the form  on the visit syria page and we and our partners in damascus will be in touch

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