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Visiting Syria? Need help? fill up the form below

Before NATO’s extermination war, Syria was the safest and cheapest jumping off place in Asia Minor for back packers. NATO and its ISIS proxies changed all of that. You cannot just ponce about, identifying targets to the Israel Air Force or MI5’s suicide bombers.  You must go through the business of getting a visa. If you can enter and exit as a group of seven or more, that visa may be free.  Otherwise, they have a sliding scale of charges for visas. Whether you want to join us for Ashura in 2021, or to go at a different time, I can to help you get a visa and arrange the necessary tour guide. My only interest in this is to get money into Syrian pockets and not to bring any more narcissists or selfish adult babies to Syria. I don’t take any cut or commission.

Accredited tour companies in Damascus will arrange your entire itinerary. Tour guides speaking English, Arabic, French. Spanish and Italian are available. After an initial screening, I will pass your details on. Though visas are also available for journalists, NGO workers and so on, the visa process for them is, as it is elsewhere, a little different. Fill in the form and we’ll take it from there.

The information this form is to enable you to travel to the Syrian Arab Republic. Please note all this information is not currently required but it will be by the Damascus office before you can travel. As will a copy of your passport, your reason for travelling and other matters. Neither Lebanon nor Syria allows people with Israeli stamps enter their jurisdictions. The authorities of both countries look on certain other folk with a jaundiced eye and visas can take some time to acquire; there have been minor storm in a tea cup scandals in the past and others, not with me. have been left stranded without a visa at the border.

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    You will have to make your way to Beirut under your own steam. Syrian taxis will collect you at the airport or in a hotel. If necessary, we can give you advice regarding getting to a hotel and getting a taxi from the airport to the Beirut hotel.