save syria's children

Pope Francis’ recent statement that his predecessor, 95 year old Pope Benedict XV1, is very ill and, presumably, close to death, should give not only the Latin Catholic Church but churches worldwide cause for reflection and reform.

Pope Benedict, a draftee into and a deserter from Hitler’s Wehrmacht, represented all that was best in European Catholicism, a faith that owes its survival to the armies of Spain’s Philip 11, who successfully withstood Ottoman threats to the east and Lutheran hordes to the north during the Wars of the Reformation, which only ended with the Treaty of Westphalia, a treaty whose modalities should be the template for the world’s Christian Churches to use if they hope to survive much longer.

Although Pope Benedict had been far and away the Catholic Church’s pre-eminent theologian from the reign of the Polish Pope John Paul 11 onwards, he had a number of blind spots the Church is now paying for in spades. Though he had little if any time for the theological baloney of Catholicism’ theological clowns, his biggest failing was, perhaps, the Euro-centricism that had been central to his life ever since he and his family had tried to resist Hitler’s 1930s’ rise to power. His approach lacked the common touch.

Not so the screeds of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and a gaggle of other hucksters, who wrote books denouncing all religions, Judaism excepted in Harris’ case, and who enjoyed immense success in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and NATO’s criminal destruction of Iraq. Although Harris, Dawkins and their fellow hucksters wrote or said nothing Thomas Paine did not opine about two centuries earlier, these charlatans had the power of the sound bite and the blessings of NATO’s anti-Christs behind them.

All wars, you see, were the fault of religion and not of the war criminals of the Pentagon and NATO, of chaps like Pope Benedict’s Chaldean followers in Iraq, who were set upon by NATO’s proxies with a savagery you wouldn’t find in hell. The Chaldeans, the Assyrians, the Yezidis, the Shi’a, and especially the Mandaeans, those Iraqis who believe, not without their good reasons, that John the Baptist is the Messiah. In their place, NATO lumbered Iraq with the Anglican cultist Rev Andrew White, who should be regarded as and treated as a Class A war criminal.

I accompanied the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on Easter Sunday 2014 when they liberated the Aramaic speaking Christian city of Maaloola, where hundreds of Shi’a, Sunni, Druze and Alawi fighters had only recently perished in wresting this jewel of Christendom back from NATO’s proxies, which had looted it of all its valuables and destroyed whatever icons and statues they could not haul away to auction in Sotheby’s.

Some months later, I stayed the night with the good nuns of the Orthodox Monastery of Saydnaya where I joined their annual procession in honor of the Virgin Mary as their Christian militia, together with their Hezbollah allies, fought off yet more waves of ISIS and other NATO proxies. I was in their churches where the mothers and widows of their latest martyrs, both Christian and Muslim, were honored. And I was terrified at their checkpoints, where some of their elderly militia, who obviously hadn’t handled weapons in more than 50 years, were more of a threat to us than they were to ISIS. Good, God-fearing men giving their sacred cause their all. God bless each and every one of those elderly heroes.

Further south, in the occupied city of Jerusalem, I was at Christendom’s holiest shrine, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where, the theologians say, Jesus was murdered but then rose from the dead three days later. Though I hadn’t Pope Benedict with me to fill in the details or, sad to say, even Tzar Alexander 111, who built the fine Russian Cathedral just a stone’s throw away, yellow pack theologians were there in abundance as representatives of each and every church explained to straight-faced me how idiotic were the faiths of the others, my own included.

Though I agreed with each and every one of them so as not to waste my time arguing with these fine people about the theological niceties differentiating the Eastern Orthodox Church from the Oriental Orthodox Churchthe Latin and Eastern Catholic Churches, I was more at home in Taybeh, cracking beers with Fr Jack, the Melkite parish priest as we and his parishioners shot the breeze sitting on beer barrels under its sometimes peaceful sky. And in the parish church house of Ramallah, whose priests almost killed me with their infernal shisha pipe smoking, which is far too widespread in the Arab world.

And Latin priest Manuel Musallam, Fr Jack’s cousin, who was parish priest of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, an unspeakable war crime for which its Israeli perpetrators have never been held to account. But then, as charlatans like Harris and Dawkins explain to us, these good people, these good Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian Christians have been ethnically cleansed in their millions to make way for a Greater Israel by pretending the only quarrel Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East its secular theologians proclaim, has is with a bunch of mad Muslims the crayon cartoons of Harris and Dawkins obsessively denounced.

Will Dalrymple’s From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East is not only an example of British scholarship at its finest and a testament of what NATO has destroyed throughout those lands the Apostles traversed but it is a terrible indictment at our ongoing general indifference to all these most deplorable of war crimes not only there but closer to home as well.

For, if we wheel back to the Holy Mountain, to Greece’s Mount Athos, the picture is just as bleak and not only for the Christians of Turkey, whom Dalrymple met. Read this earlier, very disturbing piece by Stephen Karganovic, entitled An Under the Radar Religious Pogrom in Vibrantly Democratic Ukraine and think that NATO wants us to cheer on these crimes of elderly Russian-speaking priests and their congregation being man-handled by the scum of the earth.

Karganovic’s piece is particularly apposite as he is a Serb and Serbs are no strangers to being at the business end of such barbarism, not only in the lifetime of Pope Benedict but right now, this very day of our Lord Jesus Christ, when Kosovo’s NATO-imposed ethnic Albanian junta are blocking Patriarch Porfirije of the Serbian Orthodox Church performing his pastoral duties and the Serbs of Kosovo, the Serbs’ own Jerusalem, enjoying the solace Patriarch Porfirije beings them.

You don’t have to be a theologian like Pope Benedict to oppose NATO’s persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Orthodox, the Syrian Orthodox Church and Fr Jack’s Greek Catholic Church. You just have to be human and, if given the chance, be prepared to do something about it, just as the great defenders of Saydnaya are giving it their all.

Perhaps Russian President Putin or Foreign Minister Lavrov might step up to the plate on this and form, if not a Fourth Rome, at least a second Mount Athos, where the major representatives of those faiths could thrash out their differences and decide to hang together, rather than to be like the Chaldeans and Assyrians and be hung separately by NATO and its agents.

Either way, all of these churches should realize the nature of the overbearing threat they collectively face and should agree not to be the authors of their own last demise. Here at 12.04 in this video, for example, is Irish Zionist Rory Miller in Israel explaining to his fellow Zionists why Irish Jewry must conspire with Methodists and Hindus to undo the Orthodox threat in Ireland, where Orthodox Christians are almost as rare as white blackbirds.

And here is Pope Francis’ Jesuit Order conspiring with the World Economic Order through its Georgetown University flagship to micro-manage the world’s religions on behalf of those same anti Christs.

But Pope Benedict would agree that God did not put Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian, Syrian, Iraqi or Palestinian Christians on earth to be micro-managed by war criminals and their lackeys and accomplices, by places like Georgetown that is a Clinton worshipping Jesuit factory mill for war criminals. Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Armenian, Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian Christians should be allowed worship as they have always done and, if the Russian or other governments can aid them in that process on the practical and theological sides, the thanks of Christ’s faithful to them will resonate eternally.

And with due respect to Pope Benedict and the Byzantium’s Churches of the East, theology should be kept as simple as Steinbeck’s East of Eden classic, which gets a bunch of Chinese chaps to reinterpret the Cain and Abel fable. Important though theological brand segmentation between the Chaldeans, Assyrians and other churches has been, it should be much more immediately concerning that the Christians of Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Syria, Iraq and Palestine still suffer at the hands of NATO and those like Georgetown, White, Harris and Dawkins who are so obviously in hock to them.

Although total war has its modern roots in Sherman’s march to the sea, it is an American play-book that has now run its course. It ultimately failed the Wehrmacht, it ultimately failed the U.S. terror machine in Vietnam and, thanks to the fortitude of the Russian Armed Forces, it is spectacularly failing again as General Surovikin bulldozes his way to Odessa.

Just as General Grant’s March Through Georgia broke the back of the Confederate Army, so also is General Surovikin’s march to the Black Sea slicing through NATO’s lies like a hot knife shredding butter, portending future upsets that will hasten the descent of Borrell’s vaunted EU Garden of Eden into the abyss, as its last semblances of credibility, law and order dissipate, just as they long ago died in Kiev, the capital of Zelensky’s rump Reich and just as NATO has long been fixated on destroying them in Syria and Lebanon.

Though chutzpah is a Hebrew word, the NATO’s BBC outlet have that same arrogance, that same chutzpah in spades when they distort the truth to mask that they are the biggest rogues of the lot. Take their coverage of Saudi Arabia’s captagon crisis. There is an insane amount of money to be made smuggling captagon into Saudi Arabia, whose rich kids use it to fuel their interminable orgies. Much of this captagon is produced not in Syria but in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, which has become much more anarchistic with the relative easing of Hezbollah control since the NATO alliance instigated Lebanon’s 2019 financial collapse. Beirut’s large Saudi contingent handle the captagon logistics.

As the Saudi prince who was recently caught in Beirut airport had an impressive 2 tons of Captagon tablets in his checked in baggage, it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to capture that clown, though it takes the clowns who work at NATO’s BBC outlet to pretend that Syria’s 4th Armored Brigade were the brains behind that nincompoop.

The BBC has also informed the long suffering British people who are forced to fund it that the large amounts of captagon recently captured on the Iraqi Jordanian border also originated in Syria. Yet, the Iraqi Jordanian border, being mostly desert, is very porous, and armed clashes between an array of gangsters and the Jordanian security forces occur there regularly. The Syrian Army has nothing to do with any of it.

Though Alakhbar have made countless documentaries about these clashes, the BBC never let facts like those get in the way of NATO’s narrative. Far better to blame the Syrian Army and General Surovikinthe liberator of Aleppo, to whom the Syrian people are eternally grateful. Certainly, those Syrian Christians, who fist pumped the air in front of me as the Russian and Syrian air forces obliterated NATO’s rabble speak reverentially of him just as Russian traitors like NATO poster boy Alexei Navalny libel him by saying Surovikin fought in Syria only for the money, as if there were not easier ways to earn money than tinkering about in Syria whose people, along with Serbiansare the gold standard in resistance to NATO’s total war thuggery.

But just as with Russia’s Great Patriotic War, so also now is Odessa again a sideshow to the greater struggle Europe now faces. When Zhukov’s Red Army swept across the Oder into Germany, they were amazed at how well tended the German houses and gardens were and they were angered as to why these rich Germans invaded their homeland to rob them of the very little they had.

To get a flavor of their anger, read this harrowing account of the unimaginable horrors British politician James Molyneaux witnessed at “an unforgettable Latin Mass” on the very day his troops liberated Belsen concentration camp. It is that same righteous anger that cries even beyond the heavens for vengeance that drives Surovikin’s soldiers on to Odessa and, God willing, Kiev and Lviv.

At least the Waffen SS Molyneaux faced had a good style of dress, as Hugo Boss personally designed their outfits to accord with the Nazis’ master race ideology. Not so the tacky coke-head Zelensky, who won’t even buy himself a shirt and tie but prefers instead to swan about in his tacky parka jacket and green Rambo jungle t-shirts like he is playing Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra.

Though the Americans swallow that narrative whole, few others do. Certainly, the men and women who served with Surovikin in Syria and who are now cutting a swathe through Zelensky’s rump Reich do not.

And nor do the billions of Africans, Asians and Latin Americans who are silently cheering on Surovikin from the sidelines and who stand ready to breathe life back into Borrell’s jaded garden once Borrell, von der Leyen and the mini-army of coke-heads, sex perverts and sundry other CIA puppets who nominally rule the nominally sovereign states of the European Union get their marching orders, as they will when economic meltdown begins in earnest.

Any empire that puts idiots like Borrell and von der Leyen at the helm and that allows the British Special Boat Service terror group blow up its vital infrastructure without consequence or even protest deserves to die. Any jaded empire that thinks it can steal Russia’s resources and mutilate its soldiers without suffering blowback and which thinks it can bully China, Africa and the world without consequence best watch out. Any modern empire that has an idiot like Borrell at the helm, who promises to park EU tanks on Russia’s lawns and who hectors Russia about Africa has its days numbered and, though General Armageddon is but one finger of the fist forming to crush them, his is not the only or most lethal one.

Europe can no longer control the world. It can’t even control itself. The French Parliament can crucify their national anthem all they like, their idiotic President can do a Zelensky at the World Cup in fake celebrations as fake as this fake Pepsi protest ad all he likes but it is over. Europe is dead, having exhausted herself to serve the needs of the Pentagon, Pepsi and Capitol Hill.

Vae victis, woe to the vanquished. Europe has lost not only the war but it has also lost the peace. Honestly, when the Holy Father emerged on the balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square on Christmas Day to give his Urbi et Orbi address, I fully expected Clown Prince Zelensky, in his knock off Fidel Castro gear, to push him aside and start rabbiting on about how Rome and the world must send that idiot billions more. Any nation, any religion, any body who allows themselves to be trolled by such a transparent cross-dressing troll deserves to perish without trace.

But, if we look back at those the U.S. has championed in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and even Europe, we see the same caliber of clowns, the same sad U.S. circus. That and Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and enough Agent Orange to kill the world, Borrell’s Elysian Fields included, seems to be all Uncle Sam has to offer. Masha and Mishka, on the other hand, offer something purer. As does Hans Christian Andersen, the great Danish patriot, who gave Rome and the world the story of the emperor having no clothes which ends with the parade carrying on as before, with nothing a whit different, bar the emperor is stark naked.

Once General Armageddon’s forces liberate Odessa and lift the siege of Transnistria, Borrell, von der Leyen and the rest of them will stand naked before truth’s eternal flame, where billions more of Asians, Africans and Latinos will see them for the threadbare, tacky charlatans that they are.

As God is on the side of the big battalions, von der Leyen, Borrell and the calypso singers of the French Parliament have not get a chance. Not only are the numbers stacked overwhelmingly against them but so is the vibrancy. Though I already mentioned Uganda’s wonderful Masaka dancers in an earlier piece, it is worth mentioning that Africa brims from top to tail with such vibrancy and, as this Indian piece praising the Masaka dancers explains, those wonderful children have experienced horrors that would make even General Armageddon, Zhukov or James Molyneaux wince.

Even though von der Leyen, Borrell and the U.S.’ other European flunkeys think they have done a great job in banning Russian media outlets, all they have done is divert people like me from their own toxic wells into more pristine African, Indian and Chinese sources and, for that I am grateful for watching India’s fantastic insights into Europe’s hypocrisy over the World Cup, Qatar, sports washing, Macron, Gary Lineker and Europe’s hypocritical politics of convenience.

I am thankful to India, Malaysia, Nigeria and Thailand not only for their excellent analyses of the World Cup but also for their informative updates on and analyses of General Armageddon‘s march to the sea. And let’s not, of course, forget China in all this, that land of soft and hard power calculations, whose children are now learning the Igbo language of Eastern Nigeria, and who will undoubtedly love Schubert’s Ekele Mariaperformed here by St. Joseph’s Catholic Chaplaincy Choir, Imo State University, whose grandparents not only defied the odds by surviving NATO’s 1967-70 Biafran genocide campaign but who would also readily appreciate the wider significance for the Igbo, for Africa, for Rome and for all the world of General Armageddon’s march to the sea.

Although war is hell, slaughtering children by NATO’s sanctions and colluding in or justifying that slaughter is infinitely worse. Trite as it sounds, we are morally bound to oppose both the gang rape of Arab children and those NATO proxies who commit such crimes. We must believe that Syrian children, Yemeni children, Palestinian children and those children who speak the language of Mishka, Masha and Dostoyevsky are also God’s creatures and, when called upon, we must stand ready to fight and die for them.

The knuckle draggers, the usual suspects, the filth who were paid to hype the NATO lie that Syria is a Narco State “think” differently. The bunch of Irish collaborators who helped disseminate that lie did so at the instigation of the CIA, who, having already concocted the Caesar Act to slaughter Syrian children, are using it in their Captagon Act to impose yet more sanctions, yet more deaths othe innocents, on Syria.

Let’s be quite frank. The U.S. and its British, Israeli, French and other poodles have no moral standing in any of this, irrespective of whether it is Syrian, Palestinian, Libyan, Yemeni, Iraqi or Russian-speaking children they are currently murdering.

And nor do well-polished whinging Poms like Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb of Australia’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, who thinks that the 1904 Russo Japanese War is somehow relevant to modern-day Ukraine, who, as with Hitler’s attitude to Jews, sees Russia and Putin as civilization’s eternal enemies and who concludes this hate-filled speech by “joking” that Russia should be entirely obliterated from the face of the earth.

Though a drover’s dog, as they say in Australia, would do better than that incontinent old fart, Dibb and Australia’s cultural cringe he grew fat on, are as much a part of the problem as are the CIA’s Irish bottom feeders Not only does Dibb make disparaging remarks about the Irish, before damning Hungary’s Victor Orbán and lauding that Zelensky imbecile like he is a cross between the Oracle of Delphi and Marcus Aurelius but he gets my goat, as only a smug, jumped-up apologist for NATO’s litany of war crimes can.

Contrary to what this prawn-muncher cackles, NATO and its allies do not have and never have had the moral high ground. As Robert Graves’ Goodbye To All That autobiography points out, the Ossies had an unenviable reputation for shooting prisoners out of hand, a policy they continued up to and including Afghanistan. And let’s not even mention their betrayal of Julian Assange, or the East Timorese, or their genocidal campaigns in Tasmania and New Guinea or how they allowed the British explode atomic bombs in Southern Australia, where no one lived “only a few Abos”.

If it is a moral compass we seek, we will not get it from Australia’s whinging Poms and nor, if my experience is of any account, will we get it from the island that spawned Dibb, where the Muslim Brotherhood threatened to sue me, set their heavies on me and got Hampshire’s armed response units to raid my house, all for pointing out their collusion with Mohamed al-Arefe, the main recruiter for young Muslim boys and girls like Shamima Begum to do sex jihad in rebel-occupied Syria.

Though I got prominent Irish MPs In the Irish Parliament to corner NATO flunkey and former Foreign Minister Simon Coveney over his government’s collusion with the 2017 mass slaughter of Syrian Shī’a children outside of Aleppo, his very many fellow NATO collaborators in the Irish Parliament helped him weasel out of that. Shī’a children, as evidenced by Ireland’s sectarian immigration policy, are children of a lesser God.

Those scores of Syrian Shīa children were lured to their deaths by Irish passport holders offering them chocolate and candy, something one would never come across in Hansel and Gretel, never mind Russia’s Mishka and Masha.

Not so Russia’s Dostoyevsky, whose Diary of a Writer explains how children haunt his nightmares, like they do of any others of us who abhor the NATO organized crime gang. Children certainly haunt the pages of The Brothers Karamazov, arguably the greatest novel ever written, where this greatest of all Russian writers has Ivan Karamazov put God and all of mankind on trial for the murder and torture of defenseless children, represented in the novel by a little girl locked in an outhouse, her face covered in excrement, praying hopelessly to God for deliverance.

The Brothers Karamazov, like all of Dostoevsky’s work, is deeply unsettling. But so too are the crimes of Belgium’s Marc Dutroux, who locked little girls he and his NATO handlers had repeatedly gang-raped into darkened dungeons, where they slowly died, praying hopelessly to God for deliverance.

Deliverance often comes, not by God, but by those simple God-fearing soldiers, who served under General Armageddon in Syria and who now find themselves confronting similar devils in Ukraine. Not for those simple souls the complex volumes of Dostoyevsky or indeed, the great works of Tchaikovsky they had to listen to after they liberated Palmyra from the Americans, whose country was built on the genocide, starvation and industrial-level abuse of children.

Simple souls, whose tastes would be more Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon which is based on the sublime Psalm 137, which sings so sweetly of the sorrows of loss and of captivity before finishing off with these chilling lines:

Happy is the one who seizes your infants

and dashes them against the rocks.

Although I wasn’t around to witness what beef the Hebrews had, and apparently still have, with the Edomites that they would contemplate such NATO-style savagery, I do know all those crimes have to end no matter where NATO perpetrates them and that they will not end by making reasonable arguments to NATO’s unreasonable war criminals, no matter how high up they are on the food chain or, like Clown Prince Zelensky, they appear to be.

I also know we all have to play our parts in ending these nightmares once and for all. Although the New Year will probably see General Armageddon do a Zhukov on Ukraine to put a cap on that threat that, sadly, will not suffice, no matter how high the price. The combined legal, academic and media apparatuses of Russia, China, Syria and Iran must institute a new set of Nuremberg Trials where NATO’s organ grinders as well as Zelensky and their other pet monkeys are held to account for their crimes against humanity. I would be honored and delighted to contribute to that process on behalf of the martyred Syrian Shī’a children, the Greek Orthodox children who were pack-raped in the Qalamoun mountains, the Alawi children who had their organs harvested in Latakia and so many others whose violated innocence still haunt me, as they should, as well as all who knew and still remember them.

His Holiness, Pope Francis 1, should give especial consideration to this year’s Urbi et Orbi address he is scheduled to give to Rome and the world this Christmas Day, 2022. Although all such addresses bring their own unique sets of problems, given how firmly the Pontiff has embedded himself with Zelensky’s storm troopers, this year’s is going to be particularly problematic.

Although the presence of Sergio Agüero, Messi and the rest of Argentina’s football greats in St Peter’s Square this Christmas would be a master propaganda stroke that would help put Zelensky, Macron and similar non-entities back in their boxes, others, with graver concerns, would not be impressed by such chicanery.

Those others include His Excellency Alexander Avdeev, Russia’s Ambassador to the Holy See, whose job it is to foster diplomatic relations between both entities, which first began in 1452 with the Papal mission to Tzar Ivan the Great, Grand Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of all Rus.

If, as they say, the Vatican thinks in centuries, there is five and half centuries, more than a quarter of the history of the Church, of diplomatic relations to begin with and against such a backdrop, begun remember when all of Byzantium, the Second Rome, was in grave peril, the Pope strolling a few hundred meters down the road to see Avdeev at the Russian delegation was a trivial price to pay to keep that rich legacy alive.

As I have popped over on umpteen occasions from Dublin to the Palestinian Embassy in Rome to confer with leading members of the Catholic Church, the Pope’s short taxi ride did not impress me and, I am sure, it did not spectacularly impress Avdeev, who no doubt underwent the rigorous professional diplomatic training Russia, China and other adult countries give their diplomats and which empowers them to undertake their duties with the decorum and gravity their work entails.

This is in marked contrast to most, but not all, of those who represent Zelensky’s rump Reich where their ambassadors to Germany and Ireland, to take but two examples, have been thundering disgraces. Though I have, to be fair, seen the same thing in Tokyo, where the Irish Ambassador was, like the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker, a hopeless drunkard, so too, importantly, have countless others. If diplomacy is the name of the game, then one must send professional diplomats and not Ukrainian thugs or Irish and EU drunkards to break bread with the Russians.

Although that much should be self-evident, my earlier article was largely based on this now infamous interview Pope Francis gave to a bunch of Americans, including a brace of the Pope’s fellow-Jesuits and Gerry O’Connell, America Magazine’s Vatican correspondent, who seems to have been in Rome even before Pope Francis was in short pants in Buenos Aires.

Though O’Connell has been in Rome longer than most Romans have, he does not seem to be aware that, in Rome, one should do as the Romans do. Instead of being respectful, O’Connell harangued the Pope about why he would not simply parrot the position of the American regime that all of the blame for the Ukrainian quagmire and, presumably, much else, lay with Putin and the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches O’Connell’s Ukrainian heroes have now suppressed and banned.

It was in his reply to O’Connell that the Pope libelled the Muslim Chechens and Buddhist Buryati before he claimed that he generally prefers not to be specific in his condemnations “so as not to offend and rather condemn in general, although it is well known whom I am condemning.” He then went on to say that his visit “to the Russian embassy [to the Holy See was], an unusual gesture because the pope never goes to an embassy”.

Let’s first look at that visit so that we are on an even keel. Russia’s Vatican Embassy is staffed by professionals, who would be no more fazed by a visit from the Pope than they would be by China’s President Xi or by any other global leader or influencer. Those Russians are simply diplomats, who are carrying out the duties they and thousands more like them in embassies worldwide were trained and then assigned to perform. The Pope’s offer to travel to Moscow was duly passed up the line to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov whom the Pope confirms, gave it due, professional consideration, and the appropriate diplomatic reply.

That is no trivial point. Lavrov, Avdeev and their fellow Russian diplomats are well-briefed professionals and deserve respect on that account. Not so alas, the Holy Father and his team which, according to the interview, is headed by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Cardinal Michael Czerny and Archbishop Paul Gallagher, none of whom have gone through the same rigorous training the diplomats of Russia and China have.

The Pope then said at the interview “The position of the Holy See is to seek peace and to seek an understanding. The diplomacy of the Holy See is moving in this direction and, of course, is always willing to mediate”. However, his subsequent comments highlighting the Holodomor were not only unhelpful but unworthy of his office or of those, like Krajewski in particular, who fed those superfluous lines to him.

Although Ukraine is a quagmire the Pope should involve himself in, after being fully briefed by competent professionals of course, it is not the only one. Armenians, to Ukraine’s south east, are today suffering another genocide, a Holocaust, a Holodomor, a Nakba or, as they call it, a Medz Yeghern (great crime) or Aghet (catastrophe). And the only body that is stopping their enemies finishing them off once and for all is the Russian Armed Forces, Buryati and Chechens included.

So, when the Holy Father wishes Armenia’s faithful Sznorawórsz surp dz’nunt, or when he wishes Syria’s Aramaic speakers Hwylēh maran Shwubuḥaʾ lshemēh, the non-Aramaic speaking Christians of Syria and Palestine Miládon-mazídon and the Ethiopians and Eritreans Burúk ledét¡Feliz Navidad!, Heureuse et sainte fête de Noël, Buon Natale, let him tell Rome and the world, in whatever oblique way he wishes and in whatever language he chooses, that the major threat to world peace today in the Americas, in all of Africa, in Eastern Europe, in the Baltic Sea and even in Santa’s Lapland wilderness remains the same malign NATO anti-Christs that have wreaked havoc worldwide since the fall of Bandera and Hitler. And though this Christmas day, we should be grateful for the joys that Maradona, Messi, Di Stéfano and, prior to his “unfortunate” heart attack, Agüero brought the world, Argentina, in the form of His Holiness Pope Francis 1, can bring much greater joy to the world if he, in St Peter’s Square this Christmas Day, demands that NATO and its Ukrainian, EU and other muppets get off our collective backs and leave the children of RussiaUkraine, Armenia, Syria and Palestine enjoy that pacem in terris so many millions of their compatriots have given their lives for.

NATO’s’ claims to the contrary, the Syrian Arab Republic is not another failed  NATO narco state. Because it is an unbowed republic, that continues to suffer from illegal air raids and illegal occupation by the U.S., Israel and their jihadist proxies, the stolid resistance of the Syrian people will still be saluted when every last one of us is dead and buried.

Although NATO has spared no expense in smearing Syria and her allies, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in the main, they have the considerable problem that many of their propagandists are thick as shit mercenaries. This is particularly true of those leading NATO’s charge that Syria is a narco state, much like the NATO puppet state of Bosnia & Herzogovina, which NATO illegally and very bloodily wrested from the rest of Serbia.

Take the case of Irish citizen and Peter Tatchell confidant Ronan Tynan, who can be seen here showing himself to be an idiot as he unsuccessfully defends NATO’s White Helmets murder gang. If one follows his Twitter account, it becomes apparent that he doggedly follows the NATO line not only on Syria, but also on Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Iran and wherever else it is NATO is currently slaughtering the innocent. The fact that RTE, Ireland’s state controlled TV, gives him free advertizing, or that prominent Irish Russophobe Ivana Bacik, whose grandfather ran four mega factories for the Waffen SS in Czechoslovakia, gives him and other NATO cronies unfettered access to the Irish Parliament, does not change any of that. Former SAS gunman and BBC camera crew man Paul Conroy, who led Syria’s jihadists in Homs, show cases Tynan’s videos in Hong Kong not because of their intrinsic work but because he, Tynan and their MI5 paymasters wish to bring Syria’s mayhem to Hong Kong and all other parts of China that are in NATO’s cross hairs.

Although I have given Tynan more than his due here, the point, one I have repeatedly made in earlier articles, is that NATO’s apologists are pitiable liars and that is why, again in previous articles, I scoff at their puerile libels against Syria’s Asma Assad and Russian President Putin.

These latest smears that Syria’s Assad family are major kingpins in the international market in illicit drugs are, likewise, as puerile as they are vacuous.

These latest charges center around the Syrian President’s brother, Maher al-Assad, who commands the Syrian Republic’s Fourth Armoured Division which, with the Tiger Forces, stands at the heart of Syria’s defense. The allegations, made not only by Tynan’s rump Irish (sic) Syrian (sic) Solidarity (sic) Movement (sic) but also by most major NATO news outlets, is that Maher and his soldiers are major players in the world’s captagon market.

Captagon, a member of the fenethylline and amphetamine family of psycho-stimulants, is widely abused throughout the Middle East and it is one I first came across in 2014 when we recaptured trenches our jihadist enemies had abandoned in the Syrian Armenian town of Kesab on the Turkish border. Scores, if not hundreds of awe struck Syrians, soldiers and civilians alike, told me how the rebels’ NATO commanders fed the terrorists shovel fulls of these psycho stimulants so they would fight like lunatics until the Syrian Arab Army dispatched them to the hereafter.

The point here is, though captagon has been a part of Tynan’s beloved Syrian uprising since the beginning, it is those who fought with Tynan’s rebels who were jacked up on it. There are even scores of videos of captured jihadists still out of their minds on captagon, who had not the faintest clue who they were or what they were supposed to be doing. Though these captagon killers were the very epitome of canon fodder, the point is they and their captagon were on the rebel side of the lines, not on Maher Assad’s side.

Though captagon may be also produced on the government side of the lines, it would make no sense to produce it there and then, as NATO allege, have to smuggle it out to the far more lucrative markets of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, where it is very popular. Why not produce it in the Gulf, or on the Indian subcontinent, which are not blockaded to the criminal degree that Syria is?

And why are the Italian and Dutch criminal gangs, who produce much of Europe’s amphetamine, not controlling the production of captagon? Why are they sharing this considerable pie with Syria’s Fourth Armored Brigade which carry all kinds of reputational risk for those colluding with them?

It makes no sense. But, then it is not supposed to. The reports by the New York TimesFrance 24 and the Guardian are simply parts of NATO’s war on Syria, a war those NATO mouthpieces, as well as L’Orient Jour and Tynan’s have been fully and criminally complicit in.

Such evidence as L’Orient unearthed implicates a Saudi Prince, as well as pockets of collaborators in the airports of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, where collaborating with the Assad family would bring swift retribution in the form of a public execution.

The alleged discovery of a cargo of captagon on a ship that sailed between Latakia, one of Syria’s two main ports, and Greece, likewise proves nothing, the bleatings of NATO’s Carnegie Trust and related NATO outlets notwithstanding. We have here, for example, a murder trial taking place of Gerry Hutch, Ireland’s leading gangster, who is charged with killing a key officer in the Kinahan drugs’ cartel, one of the world’s most powerful drug groups at a boxing weigh in right beside where the all-knowing Ronan Tynan’s offices are based. Just as there are so many false trailspolitical fallouts and sub plots with that murder, so also are there with powerful captagon cartels. One piece of evidence, whether tainted or not, does not a smoking gun make, all the more so when the spy machinery of both NATO and Israel watch Latakia closer than a cat watches a mouse hole.

The other piece of apparently damning evidence against the Assad family is that Brune Carbone, a top Mafia leader, was caught crossing from Turkey into rebel held Syria, from where he hoped to enter government held Syria and team up with Assad’s 4th Armored Division. But that too makes no sense at all. Syria is not a place where innocents, no matter if they are members of the mafia or not, can wander around at will. If the rebels had not arrested him, the government forces, if they didn’t shoot him first when he tried to infiltrate their lines, would most definitely have arrested him. I know this as Australian and British citizens I brought to Syria were arrested in the Old City of Damascus, not on the front lines where Carbone was supposedly headed, for not having papers on them.

My hypothesis is Carbone was obviously sent to broker a deal with the rebel gangsters and, when it fell apart, the terrorists arrested Carbone. Not only does that make more sense than NATO’s attempts to frame the Assad family but these UN reports herehere, herehere herehere and here show that Turkey and its satellite nations remain as central to the world’s drug routes as they were when The Turk sat down with Don Corleone to discuss business in The Godfather.

This was a view shared by George W Bush’ regime at a time when the U.S. was centrally implicated in funding its Central American extermination campaigns with its illegal gains from narcotics and when they murdered journalist Gary Webb for exposing those crimes, which U.S. Marine Colonel Oliver North fronted for the U.S. narco state.

Although I have met members of the Assad family, I have not met Maher, who has more important things to do than to discuss matters with me or, indeed, to risk his country’s reputation by entering the notoriously treacherous international narcotics market, where NATO would pay a king’s ransom far above whatever shekels Tynan and his ilk can command to implicate him. Though I have not met him, I have a very good non-Syrian Arab friend, who has met Maher, at his request, not at that of my friend. Maher’s sole focus, so my friend told me, was the same focus both The Tiger and his friend, General Armageddon, have. It is to win the war and to have not only Syria and Palestine but the wider world free from all of NATO maleficence, the use of captagon and their other drugs of dependence included. The civilized world must support all three of them in that regard.

Although Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova now claims that Russia accepts the Pope’s apology over his Chechen and Buryat smears and therefore considers the matter closed, it is anything but. Nor, contrary to her conciliatory statement, can there be constructive, useful or meaningful dialogue between Russia and the Vatican, until the Holy See stops being NATO’s moronic cat’s paw.

Zakharova’s outrage and that of her colleagues arose, recall, because of the truly idiotic, uninformed and downright racist comments Pope Francis made about Chechen, Buryat and other Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. Although I covered this outrage here at the time, some questions I raised remain unanswered, the chief one being who supplied Pope Francis with his mis-information on the Buryats and Chechens and how does their mis-information disavow my simpler explanation?

That, of course, is like the famous question of asking if the Pope is a Catholic. It is a rhetorical question as I already supplied the answer. As the Vatican has no direct inroads into the Russian High Command, it has no way of knowing what the Chechens and Buryats do or do not do. The Vatican relying on NATO outlets like Gillian Tett for their news is akin to putting the Pope’s neck in a noose; it is idiotic beyond measure.

It is worse than suicidal as it has the Pope, Christ’s Vicar on Earth, failing all three of the sieves of Socrates (the Greek philosopher, not the late and great Brazilian footballer). That is, NATO’s mis-information was palpably untrue, it was malicious and it served no other purpose than to stoke further fuel on the inferno that is Ukraine and, collaterally, to damage the good name of the Pope and of the Catholic Church not only in Russia, but also in Serbia, China and much further afield as well. Not only has it further unnecessarily damaged relations between Russia, Serbia and allied countries, on the one hand, and the Roman Catholic and allied churches on the other but it will create further formidable obstacles to building peace with justice going forward.

This, unfortunately, is not the Pope’s first rodeo. I wrote here on how the Pope held aloft a Ukrainian Nazi flag, as if it was the Host, the body and blood of Jesus, the Pope holds aloft when saying Mass. I wrote here of how NATO have been using the Catholic Church and its Ukrainian sister church in particular as a Trojan horse to destroy Russia since at least the time of Pope John Paul 11. And I wrote here on how Pope Francis, together with the Anglican cult, MI5 at prayer, is helping to undermine not only the Russian Orthodox Church but Christianity itself, most particularly in the Levant whose Christians, God’s own people, are suffering the most terrible hardships along with their Muslim neighbors, hardships I know as a fact the Pope has been repeatedly briefed on, but which he ignores in favor of Zelensky’s rotten, rump Reich.

Pope Francis, fresh from his Buryat blunder, is now urging us to have a lean Christmas and to send the money we save to Ukraine, by which he probably primarily means the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church that is in full communion with the Vatican, that Pope John Paul 11 made a special point of highlighting when he assumed the Papacy, and that is at the center of much of the Nazi allegations levelled at Zelensky’s rump Reich. Although there are undoubtedly many Ukrainians who could do with help, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is to be commended for any good it does, Pope Francis should not have fallen into this further NATO trap.

Yes, there are people of all denominations and none on both sides of the lines in Ukraine who desperately need our help. But equally so, there are untold numbers of innocents in Yemen, in the Levant and further afield who also desperately need our help and Pope Francis is squeezing all of them out of the picture. I have friends, who support minor and largely unsung efforts in the Philippines, in Zambia, in Mexico and in Peru. Supporters of Glasgow Celtic Football Club send money to the poor of Eastern Thailand, thanks to a lovely scheme one of their supporters got going there. Check out Africa’s wonderful Masaka dancers who dance divinely for dimes; is the Pope seriously arguing that these are children of a lesser God? Should all those Peter’s Pence go to funding Olga Zelenska’s wardrobe instead? What utter madness is he talking?

For my own part, I work money to Syrian based Salesian nun Sr Bridget Doody, whom I interview here. Because of sanctions on Syria, I have to go through circuitous routes not only through this site and my own site as well (which I also use to avoid NATO’s censorship of this site).

Sr Doody works at the Italian Hospital in Damascus, which is under the direct auspices of His Holiness,.Pope Francis. Isn’t it odd that I get money from Lutherans, Communists and Muslims for a hospital under the auspices of the Holy Father, while he asks us to scrimp and save for Clown Prince Zelensky and his over dressed wife? What utter madness is this?

Although I enjoy my occasional cups of tea in the Salesian convent in Damascus, whose nuns cannot be praised highly enough, those nuns have criticized me for paying, out of my own pocket, for heart operations to keep little Syrian girls alive as that money, had it been spent on very basic provisions for other children, would have kept many more children alive.

These are the Sophie’s Choices these good nuns, these godly nuns, make day after day, which children to save and which to allow die. I have seen other nuns make the same choices in their orphanage in Smokey Mountain, Manila, as they wrapped their charges not in swaddling clothes like baby Jesus, but, with their nickels and dimes, in discarded newspapers to try to keep their little bodies warm and, therefore, alive. If Our God Lives, He lives in the hearts and souls of those nuns and those they save. And that is a cold and uncomfortable fact.

And, if God is to live in you, you should give whatever spare money you have to the nuns of Syria, to the nuns of the Philippines, to Africa’s Masaka dancers or to the Thai Tims of eastern Thailand, where it will be put to much better use than whatever the Ukrainian Church would get after Ali Baba and Zelensky’s forty thieves take their considerable cuts.

Witness Trócaire, one of Ireland’s biggest Catholic charities. The money they collected from innocent Irish school children they used to fund women’s propaganda groups in the ISIS Caliphate of East Ghouta, from where Sr Doody’s convent and all of Damascus was systematically shelled for years on end, until Russia’s General Armageddon helped put an end to all that.

Trócaire is not the only Irish group funding NATO’s Syrian terrorists. GOAL, which became Ireland’s biggest and most corrupt NGO thanks to CIA funding under the directorship of Dublin MEP (and NATO shill) Barry Andrews, poured tens of millions of dollars into Syria’s Caliphates. Is Pope Francis saying we should preference GOAL’s Ukrainian scam over the work of the good nuns of Syria, the Philippines and Palestine, where I met the saintly French nuns of the Bethlehem orphanage (where baby Jesus was born) who, in a beautiful meeting of minds, collect euros from French school children they get to team up as pen pals with their orphaned charges?

White Pope, Black Pope

These godly nuns have, at least, the satisfaction that they do not have to contend with the ungodly morons Maria Zakharova has to swat away like the gnats the Buryats have to contend with in their Siberian summersIf the Catholic Church, with the Pope and the Jesuit order at its helm, is to be something more than a Siberian gnat, it has to radically lift its game so that these great nuns, who do God’s great work in all corners of the earth, can continue to be lights in NATO’s darknessThe Black Pope’s Jesuits, among whose members is the White Pope, Pope Francis, is like so much more of the Catholic Church, a male gerontocracy, who not only won’t move quickly enough with the times but who are being infiltrated and outflanked at all levels by the more nimble footed and infinitely more well funded proxies of MI5 and the CIA. To counter this and to get back on the right track, the Catholic Church must radically reform itself and put sure footed people like Maria Zhakarova in positions so that China’s President Xi might take it seriously. It must, in other words, be as diplomatically and organizationally professional and sure footed as are the Russian and Chinese governments. That is the first step.

White Flag, Black Flag

As a Jesuit, Pope Francis must be familiar with the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola, the great Basque nationalist, who founded his order and who, with Francis Xavier, their great apostle, made the Jesuits the hallmark of pragmatic professionalism, which were consistent with Loyola’s military training.

In his exercises, Loyola refers to the two standards soldiers rally around in war, our flag, the flag of Christ and that other flag of our enemy, the anti Christ. Although it is a simple analogy, it is a profound one. One either plays with Team Jesus, Team Good, or one does not.

As a football supporter, who has met Messi and the great Argentinian and Italian teams, Pope Francis has probably seen this video of the Parliament of Ghana laughing at England’s Harry Maguire. Just as Ghana cannot afford an economic Maguire, so also can the Catholic Church not afford a spiritual Maguire at its centrer. When, as is likely, Messi, Mbappe and their teammates once again visit the Vatican to present him with signed shirts and footballs, Pope Francis should raffle those items and give the proceeds to the nuns of Syria, Palestine or the Philippines, the Buryats, the Chechens, the Thai Tims or Africa’s Masaka dancers. Once he gets his selfies with Messi and Mbappe, the Pope should ask the French and Argentine managers for organizational pointers on how to clear out the rot from his own team so that Maria Zakharova and President Xi will regard him and his as solid players for Term Jesus and not as Spiritual Maguires for Team NATO.

Christmas 1942. As the Wehrmacht pulverize all before them, German radio brings greetings to the home front from all of the Reich’s forces, from Ice Seaport Liinakhamari, from Stalingrad on the Volga front, from the Lapland front in the Finnish winter empire, from the navy and the army in southern France, from the French Riviera, from Leningrad, from the Caucasus frontfrom the Mediterranean front and Africa, from Crete and finally back to the Black Sea Port on the Crimean peninsula, whose soldiers and sailors asked “you comrades, please sing with us the beautiful old German Christmas carol Silent Night”, Stille Nacht, that greatest and most beloved of all Austro-German carols.

Although their rendition was not quite up there musically with this effort by the Vienna Boys’Choir, it had its own brilliance for here were the soldiers of the Reich crackling over the wireless to bring Christmas cheer to their loved ones back home. There was, alas, one fly in the ointment not only in Stalingrad but along the entire Russian front. The German soldiers were freezing their nuts off and, in Stalingrad at least, radio contact had already been lost. They had more immediate concerns than to take part in Goebbels’ circus.

Germany’s embattled soldiers were not the last to freeze to death at Christmas. Although we are bombarded with news of how NATO’s front line soldiers are freezing their nuts off in Kiev, let’s give a thought for the women and children of Syria, the country where Christianity first took hold and which gifted the word the great apostle Paul, as well as a host of cultural riches that need not detain us here but which William Dalrymple’s From the Holy Mountain: A Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium sketches in all its brilliant majesty.

Syria has never been as bad as it is this Yuletide. It is out of fuel and heating oil. Its government has shut down the schools and offices for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in an effort to conserve fuel and it has likewise banned all sporting and cultural events in an effort to conserve transportation fuel. Its diesel powered generators are silent as they lack fuel to fire them up.

For Syria’s Christians, it is a stille nacht, a silent good night where they must freeze to death as NATO’s NGOs pump billions more into Clown Prince Zelensky and other fraudsters, who care no more about their own freezing citizens than do any other of NATO’s amoral gangsters.

To Syria’s south, I spent some of my more memorable Christmases on the Palestinian West Bank, in Ramallah and Taybeh where little Christian angels told me, after Midnight Mass, that they hoped to emigrate to Chile when they grew up as there was life without Israeli bullies there.

And in a refugee camp in Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born. What a Christmas, what a silent night that was, going down to the Israeli checkpoint at 3am, watching Palestinian Christians and Muslims,.exhausted from decades of deprivation, shuffling in to work, exactly like they were prisoners in a Nazi concentration camp.

Meeting Palestinian farmers who had to camp in their fields so Israelis would not rob yet more of their land. And watching a Palestinian child enthuse about seeing a chicken in a Hebron cage, the nearest he’d ever come to enjoy the childish delights of visiting a zoo. Hebron where a London Jew bottled me and Bil’in where an Israeli soldier shot me. O Holy Night!

Oh Silent Night, that most brilliantly, symmetrically-written of all God’s hymns which is so well-crafted that only that last paragraph of James Joyce’s The Dead can match its eloquence.

Yes, the newspapers were right: snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, further westwards, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling too upon every part of the lonely churchyard where Michael Furey lay buried. It lay thickly drifted on the crooked crosses and headstones, on the spears of the little gate, on the barren thorns. His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.

I wonder if this Christmas we will enjoy a white, pagan Christmas, if snow will be general all over Ireland, if it will fall on Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison, where Evangelical Christian Enoch Burke is a political prisoner, if it will fall further eastwards on the dark mutinous waves of the Irish Sea, if it will fall too upon every part of Belmarsh Prison where political prisoner Julian Assange lies out of sight and out of mind and even further eastwards to the great eternal city of Rome where Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi message can center-stage the oppressed children of the world, of those in Belmarsh, Bethlehem, Damascus, Donbass and all other places who are condemned by NATO to freeze to death on this holy night, this silent night.

NATO’s BBC outlet reports that their NATO masters have promised to supply the rump Ukrainian Reich with yet more weapons and a pile of generators to keep Kiev’s Christmas lights burning brightly for both Christmas and Little Christmas. The problem, it seems, is that Russia’s Armed Forces have an increasing propensity to destroy Ukraine’s power grid, pulverize its water reserves and shred those NATO supplied weapons Ukraine does not offload onto Zelensky’s partners in the international black market.

NATO are unhappy with Russia’s actions, which they and their G7 flunkeys classify as war crimes, even though Russia’s actions are a watered down version of what NATO did in Iraq and what NATO and Israel currently continue to systematically do in both Syria and Gaza. The blockades of and systematic destruction of Serbia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Libya and a host of other countries NATO put on their butcher’s block show beyond any debate that it is NATO and her BBC apologists that belong both in the dock and on the gallows; not only is it a disgrace that these serial criminals have yet to face the harshest justice they richly deserve for their multiplicity of war crimes but their evasion of the hangman’s rope indicts us all.

Although Ukraine’s power grid has been heavily hit, it is as nothing compared to what Syria, a third of which is illegally occupied by U.S. troops, is suffering this very day. Although Ukrainians are suffering from the cold, it is as nothing compared to what NATO has inflicted on Syria’s children, countless numbers of whom freeze to death, winter after bleak Syrian winter.

In her efforts to show that her husband, the Clown Prince, is not Kiev’s only joker, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska compared Russia’s bombardment of their rump Reich to Britain’s Blitz and she then joked that all she and the rest of Ukraine’s privileged elite want for Christmas is some nebulous form of justice, which Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba explained was the capitulation of Russia, which Estonian Foreign Minister (and notorious Waffen SS admirerUrmas Rainsal explained was to be achieved by massive missiles strikes into the heart of the Russian motherland.

Though it seems a few Dr Strangelove videos would make good stocking fillers for that crazy lot, Russia’s aerial attacks are in no way comparable to the Blitz, which witnessed the Luftwaffe, with clowns Hitler and Gőring at the helm, make strategic blunder after strategic blunder against England’s “bitter weeds.

So much for the Brigadoon parallel universe of these profiteering charlatans. Russia, as it did in 1812 and in 1941, is simply using its weather for home advantage and who at West Point or Sandhurst could honestly fault them for that? Though the answer to Russia’s sporadic bombardment is conceptually quite simple, it is obviously beyond the ken of the Zelensky household who are too preoccupied with their holograms, their international property portfolio, their Milanese catwalks and their imports of Colombian nose candy.

The solution is for the rump Ukrainian Reich to return to the negotiating table, to stop murdering their own negotiators, to banish Ukraine’s (and Estonia’s) Nazi militias, to ban Boris Johnson and other sleaze bag British politicians from dictating their political and negotiating positions, to condemn France and Germany for their failure to uphold the Minsk agreements, to stop persecuting the Russian Orthodox Church and to rid itself of the Zelensky family and all profiteers like them.

All of those preliminaries would only be for starters. The real problem is not Russia, which will border Ukraine until the end of time but the U.S. which is using and abusing not only Ukraine but all of Europe to emasculate and enslave the entire continent from Dublin to Vladivostok.

Here in Dublin, our Prime MInister is blaming local protests on Putin’s machinations. This overpaid clown is telling us that “Putin is weaponising migration” and that it is somehow Putin’s fault that tens of thousands of Georgians, Albanians and Nigerians have, along with over 100,000 Ukrainians, been foisted upon us and are being housed and fed in five star hotels at our expense. Not only that but because of Putin, we must give Ukrainains their own houses gratis even as over 50,000 Irish people are homeless and have only the snow shrouded stars as their canopies.

For all the huff and puff of these hucksters, the story is not only much worse than that but is set to get yet worseJust as Julian Assange pointed out with Afghanistan, so also has NATO a massive money laundering scam afoot in Ukraine. And with all scams, there are winners like the Zelenskys and the braying donkeys of the Irish and Estonian political establishment. The losers, who include not only all those Ukrainian soldiers who died in vain but also the ordinary Germans, who have seen their country’s industrial infrastructure destroyed to serve the insatiable greed of the Zelensky and Biden families. Once the worm fully turns, as it will in the New Year and the Germans, the Irish, the British and Europe’s other American flunkeys are forced to choose between eating and heating, between subsidizing the Zelensky’s property empire and keeping their own families alive, then all the “let them eat insects” spin of the BBC and NATO’s other media outlets will not stem the pending deluge that will be as unstoppable as the carnage that followed the 1789 storming of the Bastille.

Pope Francis is at it again. This time, as reported by the British state controlled BBC outlet, Pope Francis believes that Chechens and Buryats serving in the Russian Armed Forces are half savage Orcs.

Citing an American Jesuit magazine, the state controlled BBC has Pope Francis, who is also a Jesuit, claiming he has“much information about the cruelty of the [Russian] troops” and that “the cruellest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryats and so on.”

Although Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has predictably condemned the Pope’s uninformed comments, she does not go half far enough in asking who, beyond Clown Prince Zelensky, is supplying the Argentinian with his mis-information. As Latin Catholics comprise less than 0.5% of the Russian peoples, they are not to blame. And nor this time is the Vatican aligned Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, who are to be found mostly in Western Ukraine.

Step forward my old Tokyo chum, Gillian Tett, Oxbridge educated and now chairperson of the Financial Times Editorial Board (USA). As Gillian did a PhD on some anthropological mumbo jumbo about Tajikistan, the Financial Times believes she is eminently qualified to opine on Buryatia, which is some 3,500km from Tajikistan, the very same distance London is from Timbuktu. Just as London and Timbuktu are identical peas in a pod for the Financial Times, so also, for Tett’s paymasters, are Tajikstan, which is almost exclusively Muslim and Buryatia which is, at heart, rock solid Buddhist.

There are a number of lessons in this. First off, Gilian Tett should stick to explaining the finances of Hello Kitty. Secondly, not only should Pope Francis ignore those like Tett whose forte is Hello Kitty but he should neither read nor take advice from anyone who reads the Financial Times or any similar NATO propaganda sheet. The fact that a Jesuit Pope does not know any of that or that he should not routinely malign the Russian Orrthodox Church is, not to put too fine a point on it, troublesome.

As regards the Jesuits, with whom I worked closely for ten or so years in Japan, they are no longer the force they were and if Adolfo Nicolás, our common friend, who was the Black Pope until recently, has not acquainted him with their shortcomings that stretch all the way from beside Tokyo’s Imperial Palace to the CIA’s Georgetown spy factory and onwards to Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, I shall be happy to brief him

I will also gladly tell him how such attacks on Chechens, Buryats and similar minorities are straight from the Abwehr’s playbook, which the CIA adopted and which are clearly spelled out in Ian Johnson’s classic, A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West.

Although the Chechens, like DruzeGurkhas and countless other impoverished mountain people, have a formidable fighting reputation, that is as much due to sociological factors, such as their esprit de corps and their clannishness, all of which rulers have encouraged right back to the days of the Praetorian Guard of 2,000 or so years ago.

Although Tett links the Russian army’s 64th Motorised Rifle Brigade, which hails from the Buryatia region of Siberia with alleged atrocities in Bucha last March, I personally do not believe on the evidence they perpetrated those atrocities. Rather, I believe that such atrocities as occurred in Bucha were the direct result of war crimes committed by Ukraine’s ubiquitous Nazi regiments, their home grown Einsatzgruppen, who have considerable form in this regard and on whom Christ’s Vicar on Earth has far too little to say.

Although Tett refers to “An activist group called the Free Buryatia Foundation [that] is appealing to the Buryats’ sense of identity and calling on its soldiers to withdraw from Ukraine,” as this is an expatriate group that has no roots in Siberia’s 500,000 strong Buryat community, it is most likely just another MI5 astro turf job.

As most likely is Olga Tsukanova, the founder of Russia’s Council of Wives and Mothers, who is demanding, on that same BBC page, that Russian President Putin meet her and her Russophobic clique. As Tsukanova’s interview was conducted with Holland’s NOS group, their equivalent of the BBC, Putin’s answer should be a very firm Nyet for the simple reason that one cannot simultaneously serve two masters, that one cannot be loyal to Russia and be maidservant to NATO’s propagandists at the same time.

Although Tett is correct that “the blame game [against Buryats} also reflects racism”, she gets this the wrong way round, “even if “Buryat” is now a shorthand for all Asian-looking soldiers,” just as all Scottish soldiers might be nicknamed Jock or Welsh soldiers Taffy.

As the 64th Motorised Rifle Brigade is an integral part of the Russian Armed Forces, they would not be outliers when it comes to war crimes as they are just one other bunch of Rooskies, Ivans or whatever one wishes to call them. But as Tett just wants to call these Ivans/Rooskies/sub human Orcs whatever suits the aims and objectives of NATO’s war machine, she is no different from other Anglo Americans who threw similarly racist slurs at the Chinese (Chinks), Japanese (Japs) and Vietnamese (Gooks)) when that served Uncle Sam.

Gillian Tett, for all her faux Oxbridge mannerisms, is but a NATO maidservant. Though Pope Francis should aspire to be something more than that, as long as he keeps shtum on Gurkha war crimes against Argentinian conscripts in the Malvinas and Ukrainian war crimes against Russians, he should shut up about “Chechens, the Buryats and so on”, so that he may only be thought to be a NATO puppet, rather than speak and prove himself to be not only a puppet but a very contemptible one at that.

Let’s take Kherson and FTX as two examples of NATO’s censorship of the hard and soft wars over Ukraine. British and Irish state controlled media have shown hours of smiling citizens greeting their Ukrainian liberators in Kherson, just like they welcomed their “liberators” in 1941Scratching only a little further, we find that the spokesperson for those liberated Khersonians was the Kiev based head of a Nazi death squad, who had only recently arrived, along with the Azov “liberators” in Kherson.

Further, by scrolling through Twitter, never mind Telegram, we come across countless incidents of Ukrainian liberators torturing and dispatching those accused of collaborating with Russia. Though the mutilation and murder of Russians and other minorities has been a constant motif, British and Irish state media never deem it newsworthy, thanks in no small part to how the biased reporting of Norma CostelloSally Hayden and countless other Lord and Lady Haw Haws has made the murder of Iranian, Syrian, Palestinian, Russian and Iraqi civilians at the hands of NATO’s proxies of no account whatsoever. For me, and billions like me throughout the world, that partisan censorship, for which Julius Streicher and Lord Haw Haw were both hanged at War’s end, is grossly and criminally morally offensive beyond words.

Take next my own recent crime of posting this graphic of FTX’s criminal enterprises onto my Facebook timeline. Before I lambaste my critics – and Beethoven, lest we forget, also had his critics – let’s examine the graphic, which suggests, like political prisoner Julian Assange suggested with regards to NATO’s Afghan genocide, that there is a massive money laundering scheme afoot in Ukraine, where US tax payers’ money is washed and recycled back to Joe Biden and America’s other war hawks, those in the Democratic Party wing of the U.S. war industry in particular.

To paraphrase American war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, we have a number of known knowns here and a number of unknowns we try to make known by extrapolating from what is a simple graphic, not a multi tomed PhD or the results of an international criminal inquiry into the Biden organized crime family, which has a track record of profiting from Ukraine’s misery.


Back to the graphic. As with George Galloway’s Capitol Hill testimony on Iraq, so also do we know that staggering billions of American dollars have been given to the Zelensky regime and we also know that the U.S. authorities do not know where most of it, and not just those munitions that were sold on the black market, went. It is thus plausible to hypothesize that “US Tax $ [may be] at work” in the most unconscionable of ways.

We also know that Sam Bankman-Fried, the 30 year old boss of this dodgy FTX Ponzi scheme, was a major donor to the Democratic Party, which backs Biden, who has given hundreds of billions of “US tax $ in the form of military and humanitarian aid” to the Zelensky junta, which has strong links to FTX.

Thus, as graphics go, this is not a bad one. And as it is, after all, just a graphic, not a multi tomed treatise, I thought it worthwhile spending a microsecond to share it on Facebook.

Foolish me. Facebook brusquely informed me that the graphic lacks content and it supplied me with links to the works of Karena Phan, Ali Swenson and Elias Atienza, three wise monkeys, who are employed as NATO aligned fact checkers. Fact checking the linked in pages of all three stool pigeons as well as Swenson’s web page, we find all three are just recently out of College, with poor work experiences and, frankly, poor degrees as well.

Though they are therefore nearer to Postman Pat than the French Academy of Sciences or even the American Council of Learned Societies in terms of prestige, that does not, ipso facto, negate their pronouncements or, indeed Facebook’s over reaction in stating that my “post is missing context” and that, horror of horrors, it could mislead people”, much as, say Trudeau’s claim that Iran executed 15,000 prisoners or the British and Irish media’s fake claim shat Russia bombed Poland and stokes its soldiers up with enough Viagra to choke a horse does.

Phan and Swenson, working for the NATO aligned Associated Press, scream that my post spins baseless theory about FTX, Ukraine and Democrats. Although one of my earlier articles explained that hypotheses, such as those suggested in this graphic, do not a theory, baseless or otherwise, make, Phan and Swenson ignore all that in favor of a catchy headline to appeal to their NATO aligned paymasters.

Phan and Swenson begin by telling us the hypothesis (not theory) posited in the graphic is false because Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, which has zero credibility, says it is false. The article then goes on to qualify this bald statement by claiming the link between the Ukrainian junta and FTX was only short term and that “other FTX executives also have donated to conservative groups”.

Having failed thus far to dent or divert the story, Phan and Swenson then smear by association by saying that Russia is aware of the issue and has, like all others, commented on it. The article continues and ends in the same vein, smearing Russia and U.S. Republicans and citing partisan Ukrainian sources. It is, in sum, worthless.

So also is Atienza’s effort, which also delivers a “false” verdict only because “there is no evidence U.S. military aid was funded into the [FTX] platform and then to Democrat candidates”. However, not only would any money launderers worth their salt be able to cover their tracks sufficiently to avoid such superficial scrutiny but I previously forensically showed by examining the financial accounts of (the now rebranded) Hand in Hand for Syria, and of Samantha’s Appeal, both of which MI5 used to funnel aid to the Syrian rebels (sic), how any third grade accountant could do it. Further, Colonel Oliver North showed how, in the case of the Iran-Contra affair, the U.S. could do such money (and drug) laundering on a scale that even the world’s biggest cocaine barons could not envisage, let alone match.

So, let me put my cards on the table with respect to this one. I stand with the hypothesis (not the theory) of Australian political prisoner Julian Assange when he said that NATO’s goal is to use their wars of conquest to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States, and out of the tax bases of European countries through Ukraine and back into the hands of the transnational security elites, of indictable war criminals like Joe and Hunter Biden, who are implicated in gain of function bio labs in Ukraine and elsewhere. And, just like Julian Assange, I pray to all the gods there are in heaven that those transnational security elites and all who serve them with pen or with sword will, like Streicher and Lord Haw Haw before them, be held to account for their involvement in scams such as FTX and the other white collar looting that has been at the heart of so much mass murder in Ukraine, Armenia, Syria,:Libya, Iraq, Yemen,. Palestine and other countries too numerous to adumbrate that NATO has likewise destroyed

Finally, let’s have a look at this New York event which, even though Clown Prince Zelensky spruced himself up for it, has been canceled due to the sad collapse of the FTX Ponzi scheme. What, you ask, were Larry Flint, the head of the world’s biggest slush fund and U.S. bagwoman Janet Yellen doing in bed with a coke addict, who plays the piano with his penis and one of history’s biggest con artists?

Ask all you will but the New York Times, Associated Press and the Orwellian named fact checkers they and Irish and British state media employ will not give you either the answer or the context to these ongoing NATO frauds which Julian Assange would have gladly supplied, were these same fraudsters not holding him under radio silence in HMP Prison, Belmarsh.

The ‘66 World Cup ended for me with Eusébio’s exit in the semi-final to England, who went on to win the tournament. ‘86 was a better year, when Maradona’s two great goals against England helped his team secure FIFA’S World Cup Trophy.

Now that Qatar 2022 is upon us, my childish adulation has passed from Eusébio and Maradona to others of that same class. Though Maryana Naumova and Kamila Valieva are right at the top of my list of heroes, pride of place goes to Sham Al Bakour, a seven year old Syrian girl, whose mother guided her to winning an all-Arab reading contest, only a few short years after Sham’s father died defending the secular Syrian Arab Republic. Qatar might have Messi, Ronaldo, De Bruyne as well as older mercenaries like Beckham and Gary Neville to showcase but Sham Al Bakour has the hearts of hundreds of millions of Arabs and many more of us in her pocket.

As regards the World Cup itself, there is not much to be said that has not been said. Qatar should not, of course, have been chosen and though the onus is now being put on the qualifying players to protest about this, that and the other in Qatar, that is not their job. Their job is to kick ball and those protests should have been made at the time Russia and Qatar were respectively awarded the 2018 and 2022 Finals.

Although NATO has predictably tried to make Russia out as being as undeserving as Qatar to host such events, Russia, the homeland of Lev Yashin, Igor Akinfeev and Rinat Dasayev not only was, not only is and not only always will be a world power in sports, association football included but Russians are also big enough to salute the genius of a Sham Al-Bakour or a Kamila Valieva as they are of a Eusébio, a Pele or a Maradona, hallmarks of greatness Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic jettisoned when NATO got these pups to insist on Russia’s expulsion from Group H of the competition.

Therefore, according to the Swedes, the Poles, the Czechs and a variety of other NATO Quislings, the race should not go to the swiftest, and nor should the battle go to the strongest, or the football trophies to the best team if NATO decides otherwise.

In sport, as in so much else, NATO’s leaders are the Hitlers of our age, abusing sport for their own myopic ends. But whereas the Nazis allowed the great Max Schmeling carry their hopes against Joe Louis (with whom Schmeling developed a life long friendship) and the Reich’s national football team competed but failed against stiffer competition, all NATO can now do is rig their tournaments in their own favor and show that, whoever emerges as the eventual winner Russia, by being unfairly excluded, has scored a massive moral victory in Qatar ‘22.

Not to be outdone by their masters in terms of lack of sportsmanship, NATO’s rump Ukrainian Reich, in accordance with their own sense of unbridled entitlement, demanded that their team, should replace Iran in the Finals, even though Wales easily dispatched Ukraine in the play offs and Iran came through the Asian section, not the European section of the competition, where Israel, a controversial Asian country with an unenviable reputation in bad sportsmanship, is allowed to freely compete.

Israel and Ukraine are out, Iran is in and Wales, England and the United States have all been lumped into the same group as Iran, whose national team carry the hopes not only of all Iranians, but of all peace loving peoples throughout the civilized world. Although I am confident Iran will give a good account of themselves, the bookies’ favorites are the old reliables of Brazil, France and Argentina though football being a game of 90 minutes, after which Germany always wins, we can expect a few other perennials to be there in the final shake up.

But, outside of shouting for a few long shots like Iran, Ghana, Senegal, Serbia, Ecuador and Tunisia, there is not all that much to shout about, certainly not compared to the great run Syria had in 2018, Portugal had in ‘66, Maradona had in ‘86 or the great Sham Al-Bakour had in Dubai.

The shirt Maradona wore when his two goals put England to the sword recently sold for £7.1 million. His Hand of God ball is expected to fetch even more and may those who buy it enjoy a good, if somewhat overpriced, kick about with it in the cloistered worlds they live in. Though we will never again witness a player of Maradona’s caliber, the sacrifices and achievements of Sham Al-Bakour, Kamila Valieva and Maryana Naumova suggest that there might be better days, with bigger heroes ahead that big hearted maestros like Maradona, Yashin and Eusébio would be first in line to salute.

Fighting NATO's Demons

Strategic Culture Foundation carried my review of Sally Hayden’s screed on the Libyan refugee industry here. Although she got a huge advance for it, the review makes clear that she is a total fake, one of very many who have Arab blood on their hands. The photo on the far right is of murdered Syrian journalists; their relevance Sally the Snobby Spoofer denigrated them.

Some of my work can be found on the Strategic Culture Foundation, which is under US/NATO sanctions. My pieces can be found here. It is a useful outlet as it helps me flesh out relevant hypotheses and remember those who have died as part of NATO’s endless wars of plunder and conquest.

Because the propaganda is never ending, I am adding some articles at SCF. I am also receiving and sending articles and info to (other) journalists. My efforts here are to gather snippets together for perusal and for further use. To even comment on some of these photos would take too much time; it is best done in an orderly way, knowing MI5 are re0using their Syrian playbook.  The links above are some of what I have passed on. It is a question of making every metaphorical bullet count.


Truth Bombing Ukraine, Zelensky, Azov, US/NATO War Crimes

Ukraine: Awash with Nazis, CIA, CIA Puppets, CIA Crisis Actors

Falsehood in War-Time

  1. We do not want war.
  2. The opposite party alone is guilty of war.
  3. The enemy is inherently evil and resembles the devil.
  4. We defend a noble cause, not our own interests.(Just war theory)
  5. The enemy commits atrocities on purpose; our mishaps are involuntary.
  6. The enemy uses forbidden weapons.
  7. We suffer small losses, those of the enemy are enormous.
  8. Recognized artists and intellectuals back our cause.
  9. Our cause is sacred.
  10. All who doubt our propaganda are traitors.

Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War, written by Arthur Ponsonby in 1928 lists and refutes pieces of propaganda used by the Allied Forces against the Central Powers.

Calumniating MEPs Clare Daly & Mick Wallace

Dearest Norma Costello
I refer to your recent interview with me, available here if you scroll down, for which I await my $1000 payment. To repeat, again in baby language, so it can penetrate your very thick skull:
1. I am not and never have been a fixer for MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, or anybody else. Stop lying otherwise for your boss, oil thief Rupert Murdoch. MEPs Daly and Wallace made it plain, in camera in the Irish Parliament and in MEP Daly’s article you cite this morning, that they were in hock to nobody, me included. Stop lying.
2. I also facilitated your fellow ISIS enablers, Caelainn Hogan and Sally Hayden, to get Syrian visas at the very same time. Though Ms Hogan’s NYT’s employers paid an actual Syrian fixer, no one was paid a red cent for facilitating MEPs Daly and Wallace. Stop lying.
3. You previously claimed that MEP Wallace was knocking back beer in a bar in Damascus, when he was actually flying between Dublin and Beirut and was not in Damascus at all. Lies.
4. You further imply I bring “cash” to Syria in breach of NATO/ISIS sanctions.  Though I raise “cash” for relief in government held Syria, every red cent of that, not that it is any concern of a compromised hireling like you, has gone on humanitarian relief through such conduits as the Italian Hospital which, as I previously explained to you, is under the auspices of His Holiness, Pope Francis 1 and whose nuns have been honoured by FLOTUS. If you have problems with that, bring it up with the White House or with His Holiness next time he grants you an audience.
5. Though I will, of course, continue to do what I can for the peoples of Syria, Yemen and Luhansk, I find it incredible that a thoroughly compromised ISIS enabling wretch like you expects me to supply you with details of God-fearing folk you can set up for assassination by your death squad associates.
7. Ronan Tynan got you to pounce on MEP’s Daly’s televised suggestion, made in the Irish Parliament to Foreign Minister Coveney, that the Irish government bring Aleppan MP Fares Shehabi to Dublin so that other politicians could hear and question his take, rather than the threat-spewing remedial English language teachers they usually indulge. You are still going on about Daly’s invitation this morning. Just how much have ISIS brainwashed you?
8. No wonder MEPs Daly and Wallace ignore such a prize schmuck as thee. Pen a fulsome apology to them and explain, as with your earlier hatchet job on the three of us, you are an unthinking puppet too thick to work off any other bat than that of your organ grinder.
Regards to Lisa Smith and all your Irish and Georgian ISIS pals..
God bless
You are in our prayers
ps: please send on the $1000, preferably in yuan. The Italian Hospital needs it.

Norma Costello is a young and very ignorant Irish woman, who made money travelling through terrorist held Syria and Iraq filing copy for NATO outlets in Ireland. At the time she lied that Wallace was drinking in Damascus, she was holed up in Georgia doing whatever it is slappers do when they are with cut throats.

One of the sickest things with these Irish low life is, though they pretend to collect money for refugees stuck in ISIS areas, they comment on how hot the women are. Think through that. These humanitarians regard women stuck in terrorist controlled areas as nothing more than human meat.

As I previously explained to this puppet, I have little if anything to do with MEPs Daly and Wallace as 1) we are all too busy doing our own thing 2) I cannot keep up on all the matters, such as Catalonia, the Balkans and Ethiopia, they concern themselves with  3)I do not agree on all their stances.

But disagreement is good as compromises have to be made for any type of progress. This is something MEPs Daly and Wallace would know well as they have spent much  of their adult lives negotiating and building alliances with other politicians to advance peace.

Not so oil thief Murdoch’s lackeys or any of those in Dublin’s various ISIS/Trotskyist circles. They are thick and blinkered, like emasculated attack dogs. Contemptible, thoroughly house trained but annoying when they pee over the carpet.

Liars, Hypocrites, Thieves in Ukraine, Syria & Gaza

Ukraine on Fire as NATO's Censorship Kicks In

Youtube keep banning Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire. Some Sanders mob have it here (when it works) and Rumble have it here. Though Ireland and other far right regimes have banned Russia Today, it is available on Indian proxies, such as this one.

MI5’s objective with all this is to saturate us with their own Lord Haw Hawish propaganda and to not even make a pretence of countering the facts emerging in Ukraine.


Good Chinese Videos on Ukraine

It's The Economy, Stupid

But Zelensky is Jewish

Russians Capture Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • Nuland admits USA had 30 bio weapon factories on the Russian border.
  • Clown Zelensky has over $1 billion stashed away, according to the Panama papers.
  • British Nazi state has banned Tchaikovsky.
  • Italian fascist state has banned Dostoyevsky.
  • Russia’s list of hostile nations include the fascist state of Ireland.

Lies, Damned Lies and Americans

Centuries after Ukraine’s Black Plague, obscure biological laboratories in Ukraine were doing advanced research on yersinia pestis or the plague and other highly contagious pathogen vectors. Many of these labs with opaque funding were targeted as a priority by Russian forces during the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, reignited on February 24, 2022 by the outbreak of Russian war operations in Ukraine.
The media don’t talk about it.
China said the US Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories around the world. Ukraine was home to such laboratories for “targeted” biological warfare research.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has called on Washington to shed light on these doomsday Pentagon laboratories in Ukraine as soon as possible.
On March 7, 2022, the Russian military command accused Ukrainian authorities of destroying researched pathogen vectors in Pentagon-controlled laboratories in that country. Moreover, Moscow claims that Ukrainian biological laboratories have been cooperating with the US armed forces for thirty years.
The United States and Ukraine have denied these claims and pointed out that the joint bio-threat reduction program is aimed at countering the threat of contagious disease outbreaks and that all the rest of the allegations fall under “misinformation” and theories of conspiracy.
The obsession with which the Pentagon and organizations affiliated directly or indirectly with the US government fight against “disinformation” about COVID is completely incomprehensible especially since the majority of the populations in the United States have never joined or very little to the official version imposed concerning the appearance of this vector. This obsession, however, is not the most zealous since it has become a kind of totalitarian cult in countries such as Australia, Israel or Canada as examples. This trend can be explained by reasons related to stock market speculation and the exploitation of a theme for economic purposes, but also the strengthening of social and political control. However, it is the existence of pathogen vector research laboratories in countries where corruption has reached astronomical proportions and in the most opaque operation that seems to pose a real problem. This problem is far from misinformation, as evidenced by the sudden appearance of localized exotic epidemics in Africa and Asia since the second half of the 1990s.
The COVID thematic ran out and was overshadowed by the resumption of war in Eastern Europe. It had been predictable for two years. There is a single conductor who leads the themes: War on Drugs (1990) which barely concealed the involvement of the special services of the great powers in the global narcotics trade; “Islamist terrorism” then “endless war on terror” (1998-2015) which camouflaged the use by great powers of a phenomenon created from scratch, first for geostrategic purposes and then for the factory of fear internal and spread of Islamophobia; “cold war 2.0” and targeting of countries classified in the new axis of evil; operation COVID, the greatest mass manipulation on a global level and finally the current chaos underway with the takeover of the internet, the de facto establishment of a global state of emergency and the threat of a universal schism with two opposing ecosystems living in total isolation from each other with the underlying threat of a nuclear conflict.
Most of the themes were promoted by the same structures and according to fairly proven propaganda marketing, the impact of which was facilitated by several psychological factors. The herd instinct and conservation of populations, the belief in certain notions such as nationalism or the tribal spirit, but above all the generalized brutalization via educational systems adapted to promote dissonance and cognitive disintegration, the techniques of false advertising and social networks.
During the 1980s, the Israelis, in collaboration with the South Africans, attempted biological experiments aimed at creating biological weapons targeting only certain ethnic groups of the human species. Experiments which had naturally ended in complete and definitive failure since the human genome is infinitely more complex than we believe. But this attempt has been exploited for commercial purposes with the creation of start-ups specializing in genealogy or determining origin by submitting a DNA sample by post.
The immediate future of the world we live in is that of idiocy. The system is neither Darwinist nor competitive but Malthusian. He aims for power only for power’s sake and only to keep this power for another millennium… A thousand years! More than eighty years ago, another empire dreamed of lasting a thousand years. He disappeared in 1945.
We are currently experiencing an error in the machine. It has jammed and is behaving totally erratically. This imbalance in the world is likely to last.

How To Destroy Russia

There is the Rand’s plan, written some years ago, to destroy Russia by over-extending and unbalancing her. The American objective is clear here: hegemony and subjugation at any cost. Under this strategy – the Rand Corporation’s 2019 plan envisioned – “providing lethal aid to Ukraine would exploit Russia’s greatest external vulnerability point, but any increase in arms and military advice provided by the USA to Ukraine should be carefully calibrated to provoke the costs for Russia without provoking a much larger conflict in which Russia, because of proximity, would have significant advantages.” It is right there – in what the Rand Corporation defined as “Russia’s greatest point of external vulnerability”, exploitable by arming Ukraine in a way “calibrated to increase costs for Russia without provoking much greater conflict.” ample” – what happened to the breakup. Caught in the political, economic and military stranglehold which the USA and NATO were increasingly tightening, ignoring repeated warnings and proposals for negotiations from Moscow, Russia reacted with the military operation which destroyed in Ukraine more than 2000 military structures built and controlled in reality not by the rulers of Kiev but by the USA-NATO commands. The article that three years ago reported the Rand Corporation’s plan ended with these words: in terms of sacrifice and risk is paid for by all of us”.

Hug a Nazi

Just because Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis, and recent members of its government were neo-Nazis, and its military has neo-Nazi units (e.g., the notorious Azov Battalion), and it has a national holiday celebrating a Nazi, and government officials hang his portrait in their offices, andthe military and neo-Nazi militias have been terrorizing and murdering ethnic Russians sincethe USA and the Forces of Goodness supported and stage-managed a “revolution” (i.e., a coup) back in 2014 with the assistance of a lot of neo-Nazis … that doesn’t mean Ukraine has a “Nazi problem.”
After all, its current president is Jewish!

Holy War in Ireland, Ukraine and Luhansk

With regards to the recent terrorist attacks on Dublin’s Russian Embassy, the disgraceful diplomatic boo boos of Dublin Catholic Archbishop and of Ireland’s Armagh-based Catholic Primate, and the ongoing attacks on Orthodox children by the more depraved elements of Ireland’s Latin Catholic Church:
1. Given these elements and their allies wish to end Irish neutrality, will they also vandalise Howth’s World War Two Éire sign, about which I made a small Ukraine-related video yesterday and, if so, when? And why?
2. Given the US Embassies in Mexico and Tokyo are both heavily guarded, should Dublin’s Egyptian and Russian Embassies be similarly guarded against unhinged and criminally minded Catholic fanatics?
3. Given these terrorist attacks are clear and blatant violations of Article 22 of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, will Foreign Minister Simon Coveney resign his untenable position and, similarly, will Ireland renounce its UNSC seat to make room for a more mature member?
4. If terrorist attacks on diplomats, who are protected by long-established protocols, is the new policy of the Irish government and the Irish Latin Church (whose ignorant Irish leaders have come out with guns blazing against the Russian Orthodox Church) , do they believe their own diplomats and clerics should be free from retaliation and, if so, why?
5. Given British soccer hooliganism was stunted, in part at least, by giving the criminal perpetrators long custodial sentences, would the Catholic Church  and the Irish government support lengthy custodial sentences, after due process in the Special Criminal Court, for those, whose Orwell Road actions have set yet more very dangerous precedents for other, more bloody-minded sectarians to build upon?
6. As there are one-way flights to be had to Kracow for 30€, would these terrorists and their chaplains not take their various psychoses to Ukraine, where Azov’s recruiting sergeants can keep them busy? Red wine of Europe and all that.

Femen Burn Trade Unionists Alive (But Nice Boobs)

Femen leader Ievgeniia Kraizman participating in the May 2nd Odessa massacre. She was part of the group of Maidan fascists who burned alive, shot, strangled, and beat to death 116 anti-fascist protesters on May 2, 2014. The two accompanying photos shows her in other Feman actions. May 2, 2014 people of Ukrainian Odessa were trapped in a building and burned alive.  Alexander, one of the few survivors, shares his memories of what really happened and new battles he has to fight in the aftermath.

Satan's Army: From Ukraine to Ireland

The Ukrainian “soldier” opposite is wearing The Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne) Nazi symbol, a type of sun wheel  employed in a post–Nazi Germany context by neo-Nazis and in some strains of Satanism, a belief system many Azovs adhere to.  These Satanists, most of whom are form Poland, Hungary or Ukraine are the force behind Dublin’s Russophobic protests. They are very well organised and have monthly training sessions in Wicklow’s Glen of Imaal; money is no object, as it never has been for CIA and Mossad “useful idiots”.

American Sense on Ukraine

It is so simple to end the bloodshed and destruction. Just guaranty, by treaty, that Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO, and that it will become a neutral, non-belligerent state like Austria did during the Cold War.

 The U.S., UK, France and Soviets withdrew all troops from Austria in 1955. In exchange, Austria amended its constitution to become perpetually neutral and guaranteed that it would never again permit foreign troops to be based there.

 While the Cold War kept most of the Iron Curtain bristling with tanks and artillery, Austria was the one exception. It was a happy, prosperous country, immune the threat of war until the Soviets left in 1991.

 Austria is the model for peace in Ukraine today. Pass it on!

 Senator Dick Black (ret.)

Jim Jatras: I think we’re past that point. No treaty guarantee could be trust by Moscow. The current Ukrainian state will be dismantled, succeeded by a Russia-allied new state in the east and south and a neutral rump Ukraine in the center and center west. What happens to the far west is unclear. See map

Blessedly Dead Are the Peace Makers

A member of the Ukrainian peace negoiation team Denis Kireev was arrested by the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) and shot in the head in the middle of Kiev. he had been accused of treason, Translates to a little too flexible in wanted to reach a peace deal…

It’s worse than that, as a banker he was overseeing all the emergency fund transfer, he knew who was taking the money and was part of the scheme. The Ukrainian army intelligence admitted that he was one of their agents. He was killed because he was informing the army about Zelinsky’s theft.

Kidnapped, Tortured, Murdered: Maxim Ryndovsky, RIP

Nazis Torture Athletes

Simon Coveney’s gallant Nazi allies in Ukraine  are currently torturing MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovsky. As I explain in my Balls, Boycotts and Bullets book, that is what Nazis do.

It is utterly disgraceful that Simon Coveney and Ireland’s other Quislings stand idly by as this happens. But then, that is what they have always done, from even before Jordanian weight-lifter Nader Afouri, the world’s bravest athlete, was tortured for years on end by Israel’s own soccer-loving Nazis, whom Irish Nazi Bob the Robber Briscoe helped establish.

Now, if Ukraine’s Nazis are doing this to an MMA fighter, fancy what they are doing to others less fortunate and less gifted. Fancy what they will do and for whom here in Western Europe as Simon Coveney plants them amongst us.

Prepare yourself for mayhem!

Hugo Boss designed the uniforms of the SS. They made such a good job of it that the SS are Hollywood’s “best” villains; little a cut above the rest.

In a post below, I recommended Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney get himself a better tailor. Given that Hugo Boss have pulled out of Russia because  Russia is attacking Ukraine’s Nazis, Hugo Boss can probably do with Coveney’s business. Eoin O’Duffy, the founder of O’Duffy’s Fine Gael party would approve as O’Duffy offered the SS Irish men to relieve the siege of Stalingrad.

In Kiev Ukrainian Nazi thugs hold the Ukrainian athlete, MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovsky hostage and torture him! Reason : he is accused of having contacts with people in the DNR.

His crime was he trained with the Chechen club “Akhmat”

Nader Afouri was Jordan’s weight-lifting champion. When Israel released him in 1980 after his fifth term of imprisonment, prolonged, systematic and unrelenting Israeli torture meant he could no longer see, hear, speak, walk or control his bodily functions. Nader Afouri was tortured for ten and a half years between 1967 and 1980 as an administrative detainee. It is a testament to this hero’s fortitude that, despite decades of round the clock Israeli torture, the Israeli SS could neither extract a confession nor produce any evidence with which to show trial him. All Zion could do was torture this champion of champions.

Speaking of his first period of imprisonment, which lasted from 1967 to1971, Afouri states: “I was arrested initially in 1967, the first year of the occupation. They took me from my home in Nablus, blindfolded me and hanged me from a helicopter. All the people of Beit Furik and Salem villages near Nablus witnessed this. They brought me to Sarafand, the most harsh prison, a military prison. I was the first man from the West Bank or Gaza to be brought there. When they set the helicopter down, they pushed me out and ordered me to run. I heard gunfire and ran as they were shooting at me.

They took me to a large room full of red, yellow and green lights. I could hear screams and the sounds of beatings. I heard a man yell: ‘You’ll have to confess’. Then I heard a man confessing. Soon, I discovered this was a recording meant to intimidate me. Then they took me to the interrogator. They tied me with chains to green doors. Each door had a pulley. They opened the door, spreading my hands and legs, then wound the pulleys till I fell unconscious.

They made me get up on a chair, tied my hands to chains hanging from a window and slowly removed the chair. My muscles tore as the weight of my body pulled on my hands. The pain was terrible.There were five or six men. They all beat me. They hit me with blows on the head. They chained me to a chair. One would beat me and some of the other men in the room would say ‘Stop’. Then they would change from one to the other, each hitting me in turn. I was kept chained in that chair and never allowed to stand up. They kept torturing me. An interrogator sucked on a cigarette. When it was red, he placed it on my face, chest and genitals – all over.

One shoved a pen refill up my penis while the others watched. As they did this they asked me to confess. I started to bleed from my penis and was taken to Ramle Prison Hospital but was soon brought back again to Sarafand for further interrogation. I was in Sarafand twelve-and-a-half months and was interrogated continuously. No one can endure twelve-and-a-half months. On four occasions my friends in the other prisons were informed officially that I had died.

The first month in Sarafand, I was always blindfolded and had chains on my hands and legs. After one month they removed the hand chains and blindfold. But I wore leg chains for twelve-and-a- half months. Day and night I had chains on my legs. The marks are still on my ankles. This was the routine: They would beat me, interrogate me, then throw me in the cell. I would rest awhile; then they would take me again.

The cell was 3 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet high [1 metre by 1.3 metres by 1.3 metres]. My height is 5 feet 6 inches [1.7 metres]. I slept crouched with my legs up against my stomach. There were no windows in the cell and no furnishings, only a pot for shitting. I had two blankets. The stones on the floor were very sharp. They punctured my feet when I walked. They began to bring other prisoners. They gave us army clothes with numbers on the back. I was number one. They would only call me by my number, never by my name. They were always insulting me, yelling ‘Maniuk (Faggot), I will fuck you’. When we were chained outside they brought savage dogs. The dogs jumped at us, grabbed our clothing and bit us.

Over thirty people were arrested after my own detention and all underwent the same torture. All, however, broke down under torture and wrote confessions and are in prison for life. I didn’t confess. The torture destroyed my penis and I could only urinate drop by drop. I could not walk for three-and-a-half months when I finished the interrogation. But I did not confess. I never spoke a word in twelve- and-a-half months.

I was sent to the cells of Ramle prison after twenty-two days of hunger strike. Dr. Silvan, the director there, brought several soldiers with him. They beat me on the head. I passed between life and death. They chained my hands and forced a tube in my nose. It was like an electrical shock. I began to shake. I became hysterical when the food reached my throat and began to scream constantly. They gave me an injection in the hip and I relaxed. When this torture failed to make me talk I was placed in the Prison Hospital at Ramle and then sent back to Nablus Prison.

Fifteen soldiers came in and beat me on the head with a chair. I fell unconscious. They put my shirt in my mouth and beat me more. I became hysterical as I was gagging. They gave me an injection and I fell unconscious. I awoke alone in the corridor. I couldn’t see. All Tulkarm Prison went on strike and the prisoners met with the Director to speak about me. He promised he would release me the next day if they stopped their strike. The Director came the next day and shook hands with me and said: ‘I swear by my life that you are a man’. They brought me socks and a jacket and promised me a private visit with my family”.

Nader Afouri was not freed. Instead he was sent to Bet Il prison from which he was eventually released in 1971. His further years of unremitting torture need not detain us here.


I Ain't no Fixer, Norma

Poor Norma. Though I explained to her (see below), I ain’t no fixer  Norma, in her desperation and in her failed bid to get a smear piece in on me, insists that I am.

Caelainn Hogan, Norma’s pal, whom, I also got into Syria, had her own NYT Damasacus-based fixer, who was paid $150 a day, to fix things for dearest Caelainn. My own contact, who opened a lot of doors for her, were amused at the huge amount Caelainn’s fixer was paid, the NYT having to pay their fixers the same amount everywhere, be in Damascus, Grozny or Ballyseedy’s whore houses. Neither they not I, however, were fixers, as the term is understood in the media business and Norma implying otherwise is a smear.

So too is the smear connecting  Clare Daly to Fares Shehabi, seen here on BBC, whom Daly did discuss on the floor of the Irish Parliament. Daly, no doubt like the BBC, correctly argued that Shehabi, whose politics, she remarked, were nearer to those of the Irish government than to her own, would be able to add light to an Irish understanding of the ongoing Syrian genocide. 

Norma’s problem is that because her own fixers, like herself, are in bed, with Syrian based ISIS jihadists, she sees matters only through their dour glasses. Clare Daly, Fares Shehabi, Foreign Minister Lavrov, Presidents Assad & Putin and I are united only by our belief that jaw jaw should trump over war war. And Presidents Assad and Putin are, like all moral leaders, in the invidious position that, when jaw jaw fails to convince Norma’s jihad buddies or Ukraine’s Nazi forces, that more robust methods must be employed. Though I certainly do not disagree with them, I have no real insight into the views of Daly and Wallace on that matter, as I only worked with them to facilitate the very jaw jaw that Norma, like her Clonskeagh based ISIS and Nazi buddies, is so firmly opposed to.

Grammatical Nazi Note: The name Caelainn seems to disobey a fundamental rule in Irish grammar of caol le caol agus leathan le leathan. Not my doing.

Sunday Times War Bitches Bite Me Over Syria & Russia (More info below)

1st Sunday in the Latin Lent, 2022

Mr Simon Coveney TD

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Defence

Dear Minister Coveney

I refer to (1) today’s attempt at a tiresome Sunday Times smear piece on me and on MEPs Daly & Wallace by Ballyseedy (as in your notorious war crime) native, Norma Costello; (2) my comprehensive rebuttal of her failed article, available here as well as  my latest literary article here, all of which I am again sending to politicians, media personnel & human rights’ workers who, unlike you Redmondites, will use them for peace & not for war profiteering. Because today’s Sunday Times is full of all the usual suspects,like Bellingcat, the lingerie seller and supposed expert on weapons’ systems, Ms Costello seems not to have made the cut. Sad face 😗

Ms Costello’s beat is brown-nosing psychopaths like ISIS suspect Lisa Smith and, in today’s Russophobic hysteria, and to your own Redmondite family’s eternal shame, attacking today’s Kuno Meyers. But then you and your fellow Ministers cannot even speak your own first official language, never mind the Language of Goethe, in which Russia’s President is fully fluent or any of the many languages Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is fluent in.

There’s the rub. As you lot belt out your All Kinds of Everything nonsense in Landsdowne, beat up Russian school kids and vandalise the walls of the Russian Embassy (which you are duty bound to protect), you, SAS scrote Paul Conroy, the Clonskeagh head-choppers and Ms Costello’s other bruisers expect the rest of us to lie lower than Larne Taigs and leave the diplomacy to you.

But you, sir, are no Metternich or Talleyrand, just as porno pin-up Zelensky is no politician. Had you an iota of sense, you would not have barred Russian planes from Ireland’s tiny air space but you would have used your seat on the UNSC to NEGOTIATE with Foreign Minister Lavrov (and ask him for the name of a good tailor). Jaw jaw, not war war?

But you share that rank stupidity, which got you expelled from Clongowes, with Pope Francis, who thinks he can be an honest broker in Ukraine (but not Syria, Yemen, Libya or Palestine), even though the Vatican, with Nazi Germany, pre-empted Clinton’s criminal carve-up of The Land of the Southern Slavs and Moscow’s Third Rome ideology now stands fully juxtaposed to Francis’ virtue signalling bunkum.

Ukraine (Україна, borderland)  is where that particular rubber hits the road. One can either fully accept The Third Rome’s due role in our common world or one can opt for carnage on a scale the world has never seen. For my part, I stand with Mount Athos, with the Second and Third Romes, against those who burn the books of Tolstoy, Dostoyeksky, Pearse, Shaw, Joyce and Chekhov. I stand with Kuno Meyer, Kamila Valieva, Russia’s scientists, Russia’s paralympians, Mother Russia’s school kids and the great Russo-Greek Orthodox Communities of Gaza, Hebron, Zion, Luhansk and Ireland, whom your own Dr Rory Miller has long ago singled out as legitimate targets. As you have sown the wind, I sincerely hope and pray you reap the whirlwind. ¡No pasarán!

Dr Declan Hayes

Fair and Balanced

MOSCOW: The Third Rome

Beat Off to NATO's War Drums

The pictures left and right explain the game plan. Forget Goering was a Nazi opportunist and art and charity thief and look at what he says and how Goebbels said it. Goebbels modeled his approach on that of MI5 which, ab ovo, got the BBC, the British publishing industry and British academia to march to their beat.  #1 Now, we hate Putin; in 1914, Coveney’s Cork Militia hated Kuno Myer; #2. Check out the headlines. Putin, Russian cats and the Russian classics are going to kill us all; 3. Look at how our emotions are being played, just as they were during the Covid lockdown. We must help the Azovs and not spend a minute thinking what brought  us to the verge of nuclear war. In 1914, Coveney’s Redmondites called for oceans of blood to defend Belgium, which committed unspeakable crimes in Africa. 4. Attack folk like me. If you can’t argue the facts, argue the circumstances. If you can’t do either, call names “Putin apologist”, “Assad apologist” and so on,   Have a look below at the blurb on my Hitler’s Fight for Irish Freedom to see how these jackals roll.

Ask Minister Lavrov for a Tailor

The clown opposite is the President of Ukraine. He is an actual clown, who formerly played a piano with his naked penis and who starred as a pretend President on Ukrainian TV. He is, in other words, a deliberate CIA/MI5/Mossad construct. and cannot be taken seriously as an autonomous political actor as his strong suit is that of the slap stick comedian.

But Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Ribbentrop, is no better. His father, Hugh Coveney, was embroiled in major financial scandals and his entire family are part of the so called Merchant Princes of Cork, who made their fortunes supplying the British  Royal Navy as Irish Catholics died in their hundreds of thousands. Coveney is, in other words, a Crown Catholic, part of the Clongowes set who were supposed to rule Ireland’s Home Rule roost before the Micky Mudds and Paddy Stinks staged the 1916 Rebellion.

Even excusing Coveney’s awful family background, he cannot even dress the part. Sartorially, he is on a par with Zelensky, whether dressed, part dressed or doing cos play. He is not up to the job. And nor, I would warrant, is his uncle, Archbishop Patrick Coveney, the retired Vatican diplomat.

That is because the Vatican has gone to pot since they first established diplomatic relations with the American regime in 1984 and thereby allow the French, American and British intelligence agencies thoroughly infiltrate them. More recently, this has seen Pope Francis invite war criminal Tony Blair to the Vatican to discuss MI5’s genocide campaign against Syria’s Christians, and the Pope volunteering to mediate/meddle in Ukraine, even though many Orthodox Christians abhor him.

The only plausible explanation for having these sartorially challenged clowns rule over us is that sharper minds have put them there to confuse, debilitate and emasculate us.

Most of us are not Cork Merchant Princes, who see war crimes like the Irish, Syrian, Biafran or Yemeni famines as chances to make a quick buck. Sadly, however, until we root out the Merchant Princes, NATO’s killing sprees will continue

Norma Costello, Gaza Oil Thief Rupert Murdoch's Side-Kick, Interrogates Me

Here follows my interrogation by Norma Costello to do a hit piece on me and MEPs Daly and Wallace in the Sunday Times. Norma Costello has written about at least me twice before and, at  one of those times, much the same ground was covered.

Note, some of the questions are very personal. Like, when and why did I leave jobs? Such things are, of course, none of her business as I am not applying for a job to be an apologist for oil thief Murdoch.

Please also note she is asking me to be an informer, to give names to her so she can pass them on to the head hacking chums she cavorts with, via Ronan Tynan, SAS man Paul Conroy and others.

Though I made further commentary below, so many young dollies like Norma Jean are signed up to Project Pedostan it is really hard to keep count. Time to read Thomas Mann again, In the mean time, you read on.


Hi Declan,

I’m writing an article for the Sunday Times and would appreciate a response to the following if you can.

1) Are you still organising tours and bringing cash into Syria?

I facilitate “tours”, commission free as part of my belief system. I am not a tour guide, though I am involved in a range of tourist initiatives in a range of countries. As Syrians have had no heat and very little food all winter, I am more than happy helping redress that. With Covid, as you can appreciate, Syria has not had many visitors. I find the Italian Hospital, which is under the direct auspices of His Holiness, Pope Francis 1, the safest conduit; some of the nuns working there have been honoured in the White House by the FLOTUS. Sunnis, Shia and Alawi are amongst those who help me and others. I have given to all groups, even paying for small Sunni children to have heart operations out of my own pocket; Syrians praised me afterwards for that but the hospital and not me quite rightly did the Sophie’s Choice end of things.
Although I have facilitated quite a few medical operations, I have issued a firm NYET for those needing the type of unethical operations the rebel savages specialise in. As you can see from the links, I have a Syrian network in place to do the business there.

Given your prior work, and your involvement with Ronan Tynan and other dodgy characters, I doubt Syria would give you a visa but you can always try, but not through me. If you need an operation, hit me up via the form.

2) Do you continue to organise travel for Clare Daly and Mick Wallace or have they found another fixer?

Daly and Wallace needed a visa. I got them one, along with two of your buddies, Caelainn Hogan (National Geographic and NYT) and Sally Hayden (RTE, Irish Times, Newsweek etc). Daly and Wallace have since gone to Syria under their own steam. They are involved in a lot of stuff, most of which is not of direct interest to me. Their take on Ukraine is theirs, not mine. They do their thing and I do mine.

3) How did you come to write for Katehon?
They asked me.
I hate to be a snob (not really) but the sloppy English the Italian son of one of Mussolini’s fascists writing for the Sunday Express picked on in Katehon was not mine (some jumbled metaphor about a crocodile), as I did interviews by phone. Me on one side, Italian fascists on the other, so go figure.

4) Were you aware of Aleksandr Dugin at the time? If so, what are your thoughts on him?
I don’t think about him at all and never have. I form opinions on the Katehon people I have met and spoken to but then, we all form opinions on people and interact with people we like or dislike to larger or lesser degrees. It is called being diplomatic, a trait sadly lacking in Ireland’s Dept of Foreign Affairs.
I do, however, know the lessons Russia’s government have taken from the Battle of Poltava onwards and the lessons jingoists like Coveney, Martin and Varadkar should take from the Battle of Berlin, which is that only criminals (Hitler et al) encourage untrained civilians to fight crack troops with Molotov (!) cocktails and Panzerfäuste,
Russia, in case you do not know, covers eleven time zones and so is a little bigger than Dugin or even Tolstoy and the great Dostoevsky, which Western half-wits have begun banning. World War One redux!
Although Russia’s government fully understands the threats Russia faces, as with ISIS and Syria, our government is totally out of its depth. The criminal damage to the walls of the Russian Embassy is only the start of the pyre Russophobia is building.

5) Why did you stop writing for Katehon?
Why would I continue? Stuff like that is very low priority for me. Like Daly and Wallace, they do their thing and I do mine. I have been quite busy over the last days working with Russian and other contacts and Dugin and Katehon never even crossed my mind until your email popped up. Even now, I don’t see any need to contact them though, should I think it worthwhile, I would probably contact them.

6) Why were you arrested by Interpol?

I was not arrested by Interpol. I was detained at gun point on arrival at Bangkok Airport because Hampshire police had put me on an Interpol blacklist. Hampshire Constabulary paid me very substantial damages over that. Please see attached a redacted version for you, which Tynan and other pathetics also got at an earlier bout of assailing me.
As Tynan and his mates were going to harass the solicitor who signed the attached letter, you can probably understand why I have such contempt for such half witted lackeys.

7) Why did you leave your job at South Hampton University?

According to my resignation letter, I resigned “for personal reasons” and gave the university very substantial notice of about six months, and I even hung around for another year after that, in between travels and conferences.. That happened some years before my Bangkok escapade. I have continued to travel widely from Western Asia to Eastern Asia, and from Western Europe to Eastern Europe. I am independently wealthy so, even with the huge price hikes coming our way, I am not all that concerned where my next meal is coming from (home made soup and home made bread if you must know; I am great at both and am even in $ discussions about that with Middle Eastern “comrades” and Japanese publishers). I haven’t applied for any job since, so no need to send me offers.
I have much more time now to do what I want to do and to spread my Dostoyevskyan messages to those who can appreciate them.


Before we move on to the next important bit, note it is obvious Norma has not surveyed the book but has only heard about it, most likely through Tynan or one of the other fivers the Muslim Brotherhood at the Clonskeagh Mosque use.

Note too the Dugin-Hayes-Wallace/Daly Axia line she is drawing.

8) Can you explain why you decided to write the book Hitlers Fight For Irish Freedom- Project Pedostan in Ireland ?
You omitted the word concisely. Since returning to Ireland, I have read very widely on Ireland and have consulted far and wide on same; even today, I was putting a prominent Irish politician in touch with a senior Irish historian. The book is one of a 4 part series and an attempt to explicate that ongoing process. I was on to some Middle Eastern friends about the last two parts of that series this very day so life is busy.
That is the answer to your question. However, what you really meant to ask, I imagine, is what the book is about and how come it came to be. Its starting point is the well-covered terrain of the collaboration of elements of the IRA, the Irish Army and Fine Gael with Nazi Germany before and during World War Two and the quasi-fascist ideas that were floating about Ireland from the time of the Civil War up to the granting of citizenship to a number of Nazi war criminals from France, Belgium, Holland and Czechoslovakia. Those issues are pivotal in understanding much of modern, radical Ireland (ANTIFA etc) and, one could argue, the mess we are sleep walking into over Ukraine.
The book, then, is a re-examining – and a request for more re-examining – of elements of Irish history not only from the last 100 years but even before then. There is no sympathy there for the Nazis and I even give the example of how Hitler made the Waffen SS dress up as transvestite chorus girls to make some propaganda movie (true story). I will probably pay with my neck for it when our governbment give the Azov Nazis asylum here (they whacked a mayor in Eastern Ukraine today but hey, he spoke Russian) but, in my case, they will have to join a very long queue.
Sorry to disappoint you then. You might have fared better. had you read the book as well as information I previously disseminated on the other points but never mind.
I might see you and yours at Ballyseedy next month. You do know that the statue was done by Yann Goulet, who was sentenced to death for leading the Patrick Pearse SS Division, right? I visited his statue to “the fighting men of Crossmaglen” in Cardinal O’Fiaich Square, Crossmaglen recently.
Funny thing about Ballyseedy but some of the Dublin Brigade settled and married there but hey, life goes on. Unless you are a Russian speaking mayor of course.

Beir beannancht

Kind Regards,


Thanks for this. Just three follow up questions.

1) If you no longer organise Clare Daly and Mick Wallace’s visas who does?

I got them into Syria once, for their first time there. When they re-visited, I was in East Asia under ISIS mortar fire. I had nothing to do with their second visit or any other visit they may have taken. They are public representatives, with their own teams that have nothing to do with me. I find it odd you would imagine there would be some link up there. There is not. They are into stuff like the Shannon Airport anti-US protests; I am into Russian literature and Armenian poetry ( My family name in Armenian means I am Armenian)


It is somewhat pathetic she still thinks I control Daly and Wallace, a claim I previously denied in her Ronan Tynan directed “TDs Visit Syria with Writer for Putin-linked policy group” smear piece  (Irish Mail on Sunday, April 8, 2018). Logic is obviously not the Muslim Brotherhood’s strong card.

2) How did Katephon find you?

A shared car journey in an Asian country and an exchange of cards, I imagine. They were interested in the architecture; I was interested in the people. Most likely, they asked me to comment on something or other, just like folk ask you and Sally Hayden, who is too rude to oblige and I, being a gentleman, obliged. Russia, like India and China and Japan (I am very pro Japanese) is a deep and wide culture, what with its of oddballs 11 time zones. Diversity of opinion has to be expected there. Not every Russian, alas, is a Dostoyevsky. Some are Prokokievs and more are Kamila Valievas. Some keep cats as pets. You should visit.

3) When you say ” I have been quite busy over the last days working with Russian and other contacts” who do you mean and in what capacity?

That is exactly what it means. Last I heard there was a war in Ukraine, with mainly Russophones on one side and a very diverse collection of psychopathic oddballs on the other side. Getting back to my book, the Waffen SS ended World War Two as Europe’s most diverse fighting force. The 33rd Waffen Grenadier Brigade of the (French) SS Charlemagne got the short stick defending the Reichstag against Zhukov and about 1.5 million very angry Soviets. As France has arrested some of its mercenaries going to Ukraine, I wonder which Nazis will get the short stick this time.
If it is a choice between Russian literature and book burners, Chekhov gets my vote and, more importantly, my help. Though I also like German, French and Japanese literature, Russian is tops. I came back to my computer to check something and saw your email. Now I am off to bed to wonder why Russian literature is a target in the way Pope Formosus was. Interesting times, as our Chinese friends say.


Here, Norma wants to give Tynan, SAS man Paul Conroy and the Muslim Brotherhood names and pack drill. Though Dugin, I imagine, is safely tucked up in a Russian bed, Levantine friends of mine have been murdered by their lot because of loose lips. Here in Ireland, Dr Rory Miller has declared jihad on Orthodox Christians, whose children are being beaten up in Irish schools by bullies “praying for Ukraine”.

Given Norma knocks about with Kurdish and Georgian psychopaths, Norma would have no sympathy for me, even though I spoke at a major event in Damascus commemorating the Armenian genocide where i said that, amongst all the leaders, who showed up in Yerevan that day, only Russia’s President Putin deserved to be there as only Russia and Syria/Palestine/Iraq/Lebanon helped the Armenians.

J'Accuse, say Muslim Brotherhood Enablers

Norma Costello is doing yet another hit piece on me, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, for whom she has a particular hatred, whether because of his hair or his love of soccer, who knows or cares? As the story on the left and her own blog on the right shows, she also has a particular hard on for ISIS. In fact, when she found out, prior to writing her earlier “Putin side kick” hit piece on us, that Wallace had been “drinking in Damascus” (he hadn’t as he hadn’t yet arrive), Norma was hob nobbing with head hacking enablers in Georgia, very dangerous CIA atack dogs, who had committed war crimes and who survivors are now being sent into Ukraine.

Hitler's Fight for Irish Freedom

Here is the cover of the book Norma jumped on. Like the book I am holding in my hand with Syria’s Prime Minister, it is a cracker. As my above correspondence explains, it is an attempt to look anew at Irish history and Irish culture foregoing the blinkers of the past. Far from being a Hitler apologist, as Norma’s minders hope, it is very much the opposite. It explores the Boer genocide, Germany’s South  West African campaign in the Great War, Fine Gael founder Eoin O’Duffy’s offer to relieve Germany’s at Stalingrad, Casement’s Fabian cavorting in Galway and Antrim the strange events around U-Boat 65 and much more.

Though I enjoy that research, historians should be doing their job (they are not), just as Norma should be doing her job, which is an  impossibility in the Murdoch stable.

Mea Culpa: I Met a Russian

The sinister Ronan Tynan first gave Norma the “Putin apologist” pathway after  he and his Muslim Brotherhood affiliated chums attacked my Japanese publisher and tried to have me doxxed at Southampton University, where I had previously told the Muslim Brotherhood nose to nose to go fuck themselves and where their Army Council had threatened to sue me before I bit back in a very big way.

The Case To Cancel Russophones (and Their Cats)

Here is a timely piece by me on Joyce’s Ulysses The Burkean recently published (cue: Declan Ganley, MAGA etc) which stands counterposed to Senator David Norris’ theory that “the addiction of the Arab male to sodomitic practices with boys and youths” is at the heart of Joyce’s work. Ulysses was, of course, burned by the head honcho of Norris’ university and the mysticist, George Russell, condemned them for that. As I tried to tell Norma, one must expect diversity in Russia, a country with eleven different time zones and a deep and wide culture that is (only partly reflected) in this version of their national anthem, also reproduced below. . Their literature, which is now being burned, is full of that very diversity and Dugin simply reflects it, much as the various Christian sects ensconced in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcre reflect what must, to  their Jewish overlords (who have their own theological odd balls), the very peculiar state of Christian theology. As we say in Yiddish, what a klutz she is.

Mea Culpa: I Met Two MEPs

Mother of God! I arranged visas for a bunch of people to visit the Syrian Arab Republic and, as St Paul said, go see for themselves. I have worked with elements of all major political parties and all major religions and I have been able to do that, because of the trust and connections I have built up in the Fertile Cresent, aka the Axis of Resistance, which stretches from Lebanon to Iran.

And, what so, is my crime? That it was ok to bring Sally Hayden and Caelainn Hogan – with Daly and Wallace – to Syria, to spin their lies for the New York Times, National Geographic, the Irish Times, the Gulf Times,  Irish government controlled RTE radio and other NATO outlets. But it was not ok to bring two prominent Irish elected representatives because they do not sing from the NATO hymn sheet.

Bringing Daly and Wallace to Syria was a victory and a lesson for me. A victory, as they helped expose Irish war crimes in Syria, the very same war crimes Norma wrote about in the Irish Mail on Sunday of September 17th 2017 (pp 14/15), where she mentions that I had previously contacted Foreign Minister Coveney about who the Irish perpetrators. And a lesson because Foreign Minister Coveney, though caught in the  headlights of Daly and Wallace, did absolutely nothing to clip the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood criminals responsible, or to help the child victims of those war crimes.

When I brought the Syrian delegation to Ireland, the prominent surgeons on it, on RTE’s Drivetime, offered to bring Senator Ivana Bacik, whose grandfather ran four  massive factories in Hitler’s Third Reich to Syria, but Bacik, a major Slavophobe, declined. Much better to bang war drums and spew bile in Dublin than to take St Paul up and go see for themselves, as Daly and Wallace do.

The Informer

Liam O’Flaherty, about whom I write extensively in Hitler’s Fight for Irish Freedom, wrote the critically acclaimed The Informer, and English man Victor McLaglen, seen crying far right as the Irish mercenaries massacre native Americans (Cavan man Phil Sheridan, first coined the phrase that only good Indian is a dead Indian), won an Oscar for playing Gypo Nolan in it.

Informers have a bad name in Ireland, which has long been riddled with them. That said, for Norma Costello to expect me to give up the names of vulnerable Russians, Arabs or West Europeans to her and her handlers defies belief. Far from being an informer, I tell people to beware of the Ronan Tynans of this world, who will not only try to lose them their jobs but will set their Muslim Brotherhood attack dogs on them. Although the Muslim Brotherhood’s Army Council is very educated, very cultured and very rich, that only makes them more dangerous, just as the cultured leaders of the Third Reich were  dangerously psychopathic.

The MI6 Caper

When I was organising meetings for victims of Muslim Brotherhood war crimes,  Ronan Tynan’s Clonskeagh based Muslim Brotherhood network kept bringing up this (and other) canard(s) and Sinn Féin’s/George Soros’ Lynn Boylan (who led the anti Identity Ireland lynch mob outside the GPO some years back) and Danny Morrison (who is in receipt of massive payouts for being maligned as a leading IRA member along the lines of his dubious uncle,  Harry White) were more than happy to pile in as well, even though I was getting credible death threats and had been threatened with punitive legal action by the Muslim Brotherhood in England.

By getting two snippets of information, one from the Thai policeman who put a gun to my head, and the other from Hampshire Constabulary, I was able to piece the whole thing together and beat  Hampshire Police, West Yorkshire Police and the London Met at their own game. 

The problem with diversions like these is they take up too much time and stop the process of peace-building. I am not a neutral player.  Even though I swim in the shallow end of the pool, I have pointed out and will continue, despite the costs and the inconveniences, to point out Mossad, MI6, Asio and other agents of death working in the Fertile Crescent and beyond. Although this caper caught me on the hop, it was not entirely unexpected as it is all part of the worldwide death games these devils play.

Say Hello to the Vice Nazis

This rather old video whitewashes (Nazi) “volunteers attacking Donbas. The video is important  as, like all Vice videos glorifying ISIS and East European Nazis, it is of good quality. That helps explain why so many good folk accept the jingoistic bullshit the Redmondites spew out. Vice is also important as it is where many of today’s propagandists are groomed and where they cut their teeth. Once, as with Norma Costello, you see Vice on their CV, you know you are in for  a full on Pentagon brain washing show. Sally Hayden, Norma Costello and their like are not paid to think. They are given a script and a target and told, like the good dogs they are, to bring the  quarry home. If they do as they are b id, then, like Sally Hayden, they are very well rewarded.

MI5 Groom Machine

Here is a video from the start of the Syrian Genocide Campaign. Ruth Sherlock made her bones during that genocide campaign and here she is helping MI5 sift through the starry eyed hopefuls for more propagandists. Not so long before that, Ruth was a genocidal virgin but, like Lyse Doucet and the rest of the BBC crew, she learned her role quickly and was rewarded for castigated ISIS’ targets. Many of these scumbags are being caught out by their hypocrisy in Ukraine by those of us with  long memories but MI5 know, if they bluster along, all will be well and their lie and increased arms sales will prevail.

Russian National Anthem: From Poltava to Putin

Russia is our sacred state,
Russia is our beloved country.
A mighty will, great glory –
Your dignity for all time!

Be glorified, our free Fatherland,
The age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorified, country! We are proud of you!

From the southern seas to the polar edge
Our forests and fields are spread out.
You are the only one in the world! You are the only one –
the native land so kept by God!

Be glorified, our free Fatherland,
The age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorified, country! We are proud of you!

A wide scope for dreams and for life
The coming years open to us.
We are given strength by our fidelity to the Fatherland.
So it was, so it is and it will always be so!

Be glorified, our free Fatherland,
The age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorified, country! We are proud of you!

Letter to Ireland's Ribbentrop

Ash Wednesday 2022

Mr Simon Coveney TD

Minister for Foreign Affairs & Defence

Dear Minister Coveney

I refer to (1) page 14 of the Mail on Sunday, September 17th 2017, which explains how you and your department ignored my July 2017 warning that Irish passport holder Eyad Sha’ar was a leading ISIS terrorist and that his brother, Yasser, committed the 2002 Moscow theatre siege atrocity, which cost 170 innocent Russian lives; (2) your refusal to act on the information then TDs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace conveyed on the floor of the House of the Oireachtas that Sha’ar and other Irish passport holders were complicit in the 1 October 2014 double suicide bomb attack on kindergartens in Homs and the 15 April 2017 wholesale slaughter of Syrian Shi’a children from al-Fu’ah and Kafriya as well as your refusal to even meet survivors of those atrocities George Galloway and I later brought to Kildare St; (3) my recent articles on Irish neutrality and Ukraine’s modern Waffen SS, available here, which I am sending to politicians, media personnel and human rights’ workers who, unlike you and your lethargic staff, might actually use them to work for peace and not for war.

Since Russian peace-keeping forces crossed the Ukrainian border last week, cattle prices have gone up by over €100 a head and oil prices are soaring. The net effect of all this, together with your forthcoming carbon tax levies, will be to collapse the Irish and European economies. I hope your regime is prepared for that and that you are prepared for the further collateral damage the Ukrainian Nazis you are giving to refuge will cause.

Assuming, of course, Russia is not forced to literally take the nuclear option. Although President Putin has rightly said the world without Russia is as nothing, the world can certainly do without Redmondite droppings, who have been eternally condemned not only by England’s greatest war poets but by Erich Maria Remarque and Guy Mouminoux on the other side as well.

Today begins the Latin Easter, when Latin Catholics begin 40 days of sacrifice. Might I suggest, even though you are neither Catholics nor free agents, you and yours give up colluding in making war, just even for the next 40 days? That question, of course, like the scores of other questions in my Ukrainian piece, is rhetorical as Pavlovian politicians are bred for their knee-jerk obedience.

Though God may forgive you your many crimes, I doubt the innocents of al-Fu’ah, Donbass, Gaza, Homs, Kafriya, Kosovo, Libya, Luhansk, Moscow, Syria, Serbia and Yemen can be as charitable to you, to Madeleine Albright or to your collective, repulsive ilk.

Dr Declan Hayes

Death to Russian Trees: Pray for Iraq

The CIA's Ukrainian Moderate Nazis

As Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire has been removed from Youtube and Amazon, I have removed the link to it. Censorship 2022.

Though it hasn’t a snowball’s chance of being heard over NATO’s war drums, Oliver Stone‘s Ukraine on Fire is a good primer on the CIA’s 2014 Maidan Massacre that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and, via fascist pogroms in Odessa and Eastern Ukraine, has now led Euro-Asia to the brink of nuclear war.

Although Stone’s work can be criticised, so too can that of Western propaganda outfits like the Daily Mail, RTE and the BBC, which is now rehashing the same sets of lies, often with the same set of discredited actors, they used in Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen,Yugoslavia and Libya.

And, although Russia’s military actions are subject to incessant criticism, one cannot ask why American and Israeli war crimes in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yugoslavia and Yemen are above the tiniest rebuke. Why can footballers signify their support for Ukraine’s Nazis but displaying similar support for Syrian and Gazan victims is haram? Why is Putin sanctioned and Blair, Bush, Iraqi baby killer Condoleeza Rice, Iraqi baby killer Madeleine Albright, American-Israeli-Irish psychopath Samantha Power, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden’s criminal associates, the Obamas, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton lionised?

Is it, as the leaders of Ukraine attest, that Ukrainians are blue-eyed blondes and Syrians are not, that Ukraine’s leader is a hottie women drool over, a some-time comedian, who formerly played the role of an imbecilic president for the amusement of his billionaire backers on Ukrainian TV?

Why are such clowns blindly listened to and detailed forensic investigations of their war crimes ignored, just as is the smoking gun of the leaked audio of the conversation between Victoria Fuck the EU Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt? If Hitler was such a baddie, why then does social media use computer algorithms to police criticism of Nazis in the Ukraine, the Ukraine being the world’s only nation to have a neo-Nazi formation at the heart of its armed forces?

The Azov Battalion, Ukraine’s Waffen SS, was the brainchild of Ukrainian MP Andriy Biletsky, who fronted the neo-Nazi Patriot of Ukraine gang; Biletsky believes Ukraine’s mission is to “lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade…against the Semite-led Untermenschen.” Are we obligated to share Ukraine’s supremacist vision? When must our Übermensch begin our own pogroms against our aboriginal and imported Untermensch? Is there a deadline or have our CIA overlords other plans?

Given that Human Rights Watch and the United Nations both accused Biletsky’s Azov Battalion of war crimes, why no sanctions on Ukraine for incorporating entire Nazi formations into Ukraine’s National Guard? Even though the Azov Battalion is the product of the CIA recruiting Ukraine’s Nazi collaborators of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) into their ranks following the Third Reich’s collapse, must we really finance groups both Israel and Ukraine’s Jewish networks have accused not only of anti-Semitism but of committing actual pogroms as well?

Is it right that generations of Ukrainian school children have been force fed the CIA’s pro-Nazi narrative of Mykola Lebed‘s non-profit Proloh (Prologue) Research and Publishing Association?

Why, given how embedded hard core fascism is in their fabric, must we wave Ukrainian flags, rather than Russian or Crimean ones or those of Donbass and Luhansk, where over 18,000 civilians have been butchered by the Azov Batallion since their 2014 fascist coup?

Why do we sanction Russia and not Saudi Arabia, the USA and Israel? When we are told to worship LGBT++, Romas and other “endangered species” why do we ignore the reports from CIA outlets like the US-funded Radio Free Europe (RFE) and the warmongering Atlantic Council, Jews like Henry Kissinger, Jewish outfits such as the World Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Center; energy analysts, bio-warfare analysts, CIA outlets like The New York Times, USA Today, The Daily Beast, The Telegraph and Haaretz and CIA watchdogs like Bellingcat, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House, which issued a joint report warning that Ukraine’s Nazis are slaughtering members of those minority groups with impunity?


Should the fact that American war monger in chief John McCain paid Ukraine’s Nazis repeated visits, as he did with ISIS in Syria, not ring alarm bells?

Speaking of ISIS, should we not be concerned with Azov’s campaign to transform Ukraine into a hub for transnational white supremacists, just like their CIA and MI5 handlers did with ISIS in Syria and Iraq? And, given that the FBI has arrested four Californian white supremacists who had allegedly received training from Azov, should we not be concerned with blowback and with Denmark, Britain and other rogue NATO regimes encouraging their thugs to pick up the white man’s burden by fighting in Ukraine?

If the far right is such a concern in the West, why is Azov’s penetration of Ukraine’s police and political circles not a source of equal concern? Is Azov simply the CIA’s ISIS Mark 2?

Should we applaud Ukraine’s Institute of National Memory for declaring that the Waffen SS were victims? Must we also worship the Waffen SS and should we also wear their insignia on our clothes? Should we also slaughter Jews and Poles as the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the SS Galichina (Ukrainian division of the Waffen-SS) both did on a Biblical scale?

Should we emulate Ukraine and ban Antony Beevor’s much-acclaimed Stalingrad? Should we also ban The Book Thieves by Swedish author Anders Rydell (which, ironically, is about the Nazis’ suppression of literature) because he mentions that the Ukrainian SS massacred Jews?

Or should we instead join the Israeli government, The World Jewish Congress, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Ukraine’s Jews and 57 members of the US Congress and also condemn Kiev’s Nazi glorification and their concomitant anti-Semitism?

Should we emulate Ukraine’s C14 and National Druzhina Ukrainian heroes and massacre the Roma, given that these Nazi formations have the support of the US and Ukrainian governments? How about the LGBT and Women’s-rights groups which are also fair game in Ukraine? Should our taxes still fund Myrotvorets, the government linked ultranationalist Ukrainian website, which doxxed thousands of journalists they labelled “terrorist collaborators” who had obtained accreditation from Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine and at least two of whom, Oles Buzina and Pavel Sheremet, were murdered by Ukrainian funded terrorists?

Should, as the Kiev regime insists, the 33% of Ukrainians who speak Russian as their first language be banned from speaking it? Should the 2012 regional-language law protecting Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and other minority tongues be scrapped and pogroms against those who speak them be intensified? What are we to make of the fact that US State Department and Secretary of State John Kerry’s empty 2014 promise to protect the status of those languages and those who use them was nullified when the Ukraine’s Supreme Court revoked their protection in February 2018?

Is Newsweek an “Assad puppet” for running an article titled “Ukrainian nationalist volunteers committing ‘ISIS-style’ war crimes.” Why should we celebrate the rise of Ukraine’s far right but denounce rising nationalism in Hungary, Poland, and Italy as being highly dangerous when Ukrainian nationalism has been the exemplar of toxic nationalism since General Alfred Jodl’s unconditional surrender on 7 May, 1945? What gives?

As with Iraq, where Ukraine sent 7,000 troops to help NATO slaughter the locals, the USA’s toxic expansionism is oblivious to the collateral damage of their crimes. The CIA in Iraq gave us ISIS. In Ukraine, they have put neo-Nazis into government, initiated state-led Holocaust revisionism, given their imprimatur to pogroms, the scale of which Europe has not witnessed since the CIA dismembered Yugoslavia and they have brought white supremacist jihadism into the mainstream.

Let us again listen to Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt decide the fate of Ukraine following the fascist coup the CIA orchestrated in 2014, which directly led to the murder of 14,000 Ukrainian citizens who lived in the Donbass. Let us again listen to that witch say Fuck the EU but, instead of allowing the USA continue to fuck the EU, let us end the USA’s never-ending wars in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

If nuclear warfare is to be our lot, then let us kiss our collective asses goodbye. If nuclear destruction is to be avoided, let us first cleanse Ireland of our pretend politicians, NATO cheer leaders like Billy Kelleher, Ivana Bacik, Barry Andrews and Gerry Horkan to begin with. And let us also expel the Georgian and Ukrainian Ambassadors as we don’t need East European thugs bringing more mayhem to our streets. Let them bring their Aryan Crusade elsewhere and let us finally and forever divest ourselves of the Anglo-American yoke and its eternal wars of conquest.

Ukraine in Maps

Some maps to begin to explain the complexity of Ukraine which is, in essence, a flat tank plane between Russia and Germany.

Ukraine's Reich in Pictures

The pictures below are to help you see through NATO’s fog of war. Though the Daily Mail, the BBC, RTE and similar organs are using the same propaganda they used in Syria and Iraq, things are worse now because of the ll pervasive censorship and mind control that has been going on since the time of Edward Bernays and that went into over drive during the Covid min d control experiments. (Remember Covid??). Anyway, here we are, being led as always by the nose into slaughtering Slavs to fulfill the ambitions of Klaus Schwab’s young leaders, malleable idiots like the clown President of Ukraine.

Ukraine's Reich in Pictures

Irish Neutrality Is Falling Off Howth's Cliff Walk

For all his blarney of comely maidens, turf fires and restoring the Irish language, Dev knew that World War Two was an existential threat to Ireland and it is in the context of Dev’s Machiavellian neutrality that the presence of the National Library’s Richard Hayes and G2’s Dan Bryan at the surrender of the U Boat fleet in Co Derry must be viewed. It was for holding fast to his ideals that Dev was lauded in the League of Nations, as was Frank Aiken at the United Nations. Like them or loathe them, Dev and Aiken, along with Hayes and Bryan, commanded widespread international respect. They saw off the varying challenges of the IRA, Eoin O’Duffy and General Hugo MacNeill and preserved our island nation and our neutrality.

Not only does Ireland not have the resources to fight any war in any meaningful way but our current crop of political leaders (sic) do not have the necessary logistics to even make an informed opinion on any of NATO’s ongoing wars. Irish foreign policy is dictated by the British Foreign Office, by the Pentagon, by our EU “partners” and by the Muslim Brotherhood top brass the Maktoum Foundation’s bribes have planted in our midst. As our self-styled “newspapers of record” know where their bread is buttered, don’t expect any light on anything there.

Though current MEP Clare Daly’s eloquence did score some social media points by assailing the Obamas in Leinster House, what is particularly noteworthy about that exchange is Taoiseach Kenny’s fall back on the Good Friday Peace Agreement to successfully stymie her attacks. Suffice to say about that 24 year old gravy train for now is disgraced politicians Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair were its main architects on this side of the Atlantic and Bill Clinton and George Mitchell, who engineered it from the Pentagon’s side, were frequent guests on Jeffrey Epstein’ Orgy Island.

So, what then of the Western and Eastern provinces of Ukraine? These have been divided for hundreds of years, with the East being in the Russian sphere and the West being in the Polish-Lithuanian and Austro-Hungarian spheres in terms of politics and religion.

Complicating matters further were the Ukrainian famine and the Nazi occupation which fed into the most repulsive aspects of Ukrainian nationalism which, after NATO’s Maidan colour revolution massacre, was crystallised in the Azov Battalion, which the Guardian and the Atlantic Council have lauded, just as they and their Irish flunkeys previously lauded Syria’s moderate rebel head hackers, thousands of whom have been granted Irish citizenship to pursue their nefarious aims both here and abroad.

It is into this complicated milieu that our politicians charge without knowing their proverbial arses from their elbows. Ireland’s Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA) protest that Russia should not use its military force to protect Eastern Ukrainians, who have been under Nazi bombardment for a decade, that they should take a leaf from former Taoiseach Jack Lynch, who infamously would not stand idly by as Catholics were being massacred in Belfast but who was quite happy to be bitch slapped by British Prime Minister and suspected paedophile Edward Heath when Heath’s own Azov Battalions massacred Catholics in Derry and Ballymurphy.

For all their bluster attacking Jack Lynch for standing idly by, that is all Sinn Féin do, as to do anything else will cost them votes and Yankee dollars. Mícheál Mac Donncha, a former Lord Mayor (Ardmhéara as he likes to call it, even when speaking English) of Dublin, has constantly castigated the Russian military for not standing by and for coming to the aid of the peoples of Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk and, as Sinn Féin works by democratic centralism, we can assume that is their policy and therefore ignore their self-serving bleats.

And Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin’s putative boss, has taken his lap dog stance a tad further. As that (Leinster) House Slave has demanded the expulsion of Russia’s entire diplomatic corps, she, along with our other political leprechauns, can be sure of a St Patrick’s Day invite to the White House. Bully for her!

But short of engaging in Provo style cosplay, what can Ireland do to help get peace in our time? Although we can look past Dev to Ireland’s massive protests against the Boer genocide, we should also look at the clownish behaviour of the NATO infiltrated Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence when the Ambassadors of Israel and Russia spoke there and, indeed, when I brought a delegation of religious and secular leaders from the Syrian Arab Republic to address them, which then Trinity Senator Ivana Bacik sought to ridicule there and in some sectarian rag or other she colludes with in a most offensively disrespectful way that would not have been out of place in Der Stürmer, a publication her grand father would have been familiar with when he ran four glass factories in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

The clown-like performance of our political overlords at those three gatherings shows, even more so than Golfgate, that they are not fit for purpose as all they want to do is to play to their own vested interests. Developing a cogent foreign affairs’ policy or indeed, working towards peace with justice in Israel, Syria or along Russia’s borders is not on Leinster House’s agenda, as there is just no money for corrupted politicians in morality.

But there are much bigger forces than Leinster House Leprechauns at work here as the fake charities of Samara Levy and the Machiavellianism of Rory Miller’s supporters show. Whereas MI5 are helping Levy build a network of evangelical Christians to act as fifth columnists in the Levant, in Ireland and in Eastern Europe, Miller is telling his Israeli audience that Methodists must be recruited to wage jihad against (the numerically insignificant) Orthodox Christians in Ireland and therefore, by extension, against Ireland’s own concepts of Blut und Boden in even its most benign form. Far from being Pearse’s Sovereign People, Ireland, beneath the fig leaves of its leprechaun politicians, its old Howth rocks and its older Howth guns, is now just another belligerent CIA client state, being undermined by right wing imported terrorism at home and lacking the honesty and self-awareness to admit its own criminal culpability in the CIA’s ongoing overt and covert wars of conquest.

Give Me Your Wretched (Nazis)

Note that Western Ukrainians “fleeing” West are refugees and Eastern Ukrainians being ethnically cleansed are migrants. Even forgetting that Eastern Poland, where I was last month was already full of illegal Western Ukrainian economic migrants, this is a replay of Syria where those fleeing ISIS and the CIA’s other proxies are legitimate targets when they flee to government held Syria but are refugee heroes when they come to Western Europe with their fake IDs (ISIS stole over 50,000 blank Syrian passports so go figure. Whether we are looking at Samara Levy’s false charity or the bleatings of bit part actors like the Irish government, we are always watching a choreographed act where the CIA writes the script.

Some say the Russian government has mis-calculated. I don’t think so. They had two essential choices: to do what they have done or to allow NATO throttle them. Russia may very well survive the former (it has survived worse) but there is no way she would have survived the latter.

Assad Wins Syrian Presidential Election, 200 protest in Belarus

I had been waiting for asset Sally Hayden to diss the Syrian election in her Irish Times column on behalf of her handlers but it was not to be. MI5 instead chose to ignore it and to concentrate on “hundreds” of Nazis protesting in Balarus on behalf of a fellow Nazi was was detained on foot on an anti-terrorist warrant by the authorities where, who used the same tactics the CIA used to detain the Bolivian President (in Austria).

Because Syria has won the war, the CIA and its paid hacks now figure Syria an d the destruction they are responsible for are best ignored.  The BBC and related MI5 outlets also ignored massive anti Covid19 and pro Palestinian rallies on their own home turf, even as they bigged up the stages Belarusian one. RTE, its Irish affiliate, went so far as having Belarusian Nazis living in Ireland strut their stuff on the main evening news and flaunt their Nazi linked1329 flag of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, complete with the Pahonia. It seems seems RTE have these Nazis on speed dial.


Bill Gates' Foods from Hell

The concoction to the right is the start of Bill Gates’ sinister project to “feed the world” with synthetic food. Gates and the World Economic Forum look on us as inputs needing so many units of protein, carbs and cooking oil to keep us functional. The issue, to them, is the mechanical one of keeping us ticking over until our utility to them expires. These are NATO’s top start ups making this crap that they palm off as food.

If one reads Klaus Schwab’s books, that is the impression one gets. Inputs-outputs, scrap value. If one examines Israel’s stated policy in Gaza, it is the same. It is the mini max problem of finding the sweet spot that keeps the  Gazans barely alive without causing a massive blow back. Israel has worked out how many calories to allow the Gazans to  have and has even  considered blowing up their sewage works to help nature achieve  a final solution there.

That is the dream these thieves have for the Greater Syria area: a land of impoverished serfs whose resources NATO can plunder and a market for shoddy goods. The Israeli model, in other words.

Short Syrian Update, April 22nd 2021

This is just another short, unedited one  minute update from Syria as to how Syrians are suffering under our sanctions, which are designed to break them and hand their country over to the Muslim Brotherhood criminals to loot on our behalf.

These intermittent updates will serve as testimony that the world knew but were happy to kill on, regardless.

This morning’s (7 April 2021) update is a short video explaining why you cannot send money to keep Syrians alive. My Donate page is one of the last routes into Syria. The methods being used of starving Syrians into submission by stealing wheat and oil, and sinking merchant shipping is one the USA is well used to. All of these amount to crimes against humanity and crimes against the peace.

In this excellent video, Dick Black, a retired US senator and USMC fighter pilot, totally demolishes the role of  NATO and its ISIS proxies in Syria. The video is an eloquent and precise summary of NATO’s war crimes, crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity. As with Robert Stuart’s effort, these is no more to be said, save how to stop NATO committing more crimes, how to exact justice and how to rebuild the lives they have destroyed.

Saving Syria’s Children is a BBC/Muslim Brotherhood hit piece the BBC aired to bully the RAF into doing a Libya blitz on Syria. Londoner Robert  Stuart has spent the last seven years totally debunking and discrediting it. Although Stuart has done a most thorough job on this, the BBC not only refuse to own up but carry on pretending this and other criminal lies they disseminated are the truth. Because Stuart’s criticisms hold up in their entirety,. the BBC are guilty of crimes against the peace. The BBC belong in The Hague.

Sr Brigid Doody: Light in the Darkness

Sr Brigid Doody is an elderly Irish Salesian nun in Damascus doing the best. She gets no help from the Irish regime, who support those who bomb her.


Babies Are Legitimate Targets

We took this photo in a child's hospital on the day I paid for another child to have a life saving heart operation.

TikTok Tehran

Nanabeladi1 is a Tehran TikToker with over 1,000,000 followers. She is into all the annoying stuff teenagers are into it. She too is a NATO sanctions' target.b

Birds Eye Update

This is a short Spy Wednesday video update on how criminal sanctions are turning Syria into another pre Gulf War Iraq.

Uyghurs infest idlib

The Uyghurs are the lever to attack China. There are over 100,000 Uyghur head choppers in Northern Syria. Irish NGOs fund them.

Cambodia Continues

Henry Kissinger was not beaten to death. His war crimes continued long after Cambodia. They continue in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere to this day.

Three Kneeling Squaws

Three legitimate targets in Damascus, one Christian, one Sunni, one Shia. Sanctions target them all. They are all in the firing line.

Dead Druze

NATO's target on the left is a Christian from the little town of Bethlehem. NATO's target in the middle is a Druze, voting for President Assad in Homs.

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