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Assad Wins Syrian Presidential Election, 200 protest in Belarus

I had been waiting for asset Sally Hayden to diss the Syrian election in her Irish Times column on behalf of her handlers but it was not to be. MI5 instead chose to ignore it and to concentrate on “hundreds” of Nazis protesting in Balarus on behalf of a fellow Nazi was was detained on foot on an anti-terrorist warrant by the authorities where, who used the same tactics the CIA used to detain the Bolivian President (in Austria).

Because Syria has won the war, the CIA and its paid hacks now figure Syria an d the destruction they are responsible for are best ignored.  The BBC and related MI5 outlets also ignored massive anti Covid19 and pro Palestinian rallies on their own home turf, even as they bigged up the stages Belarusian one. RTE, its Irish affiliate, went so far as having Belarusian Nazis living in Ireland strut their stuff on the main evening news and flaunt their Nazi linked1329 flag of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, complete with the Pahonia. It seems seems RTE have these Nazis on speed dial.


Bill Gates' Foods from Hell

The concoction to the right is the start of Bill Gates’ sinister project to “feed the world” with synthetic food. Gates and the World Economic Forum look on us as inputs needing so many units of protein, carbs and cooking oil to keep us functional. The issue, to them, is the mechanical one of keeping us ticking over until our utility to them expires. These are NATO’s top start ups making this crap that they palm off as food.

If one reads Klaus Schwab’s books, that is the impression one gets. Inputs-outputs, scrap value. If one examines Israel’s stated policy in Gaza, it is the same. It is the mini max problem of finding the sweet spot that keeps the  Gazans barely alive without causing a massive blow back. Israel has worked out how many calories to allow the Gazans to  have and has even  considered blowing up their sewage works to help nature achieve  a final solution there.

That is the dream these thieves have for the Greater Syria area: a land of impoverished serfs whose resources NATO can plunder and a market for shoddy goods. The Israeli model, in other words.

Short Syrian Update, April 22nd 2021

This is just another short, unedited one  minute update from Syria as to how Syrians are suffering under our sanctions, which are designed to break them and hand their country over to the Muslim Brotherhood criminals to loot on our behalf.

These intermittent updates will serve as testimony that the world knew but were happy to kill on, regardless.

This morning’s (7 April 2021) update is a short video explaining why you cannot send money to keep Syrians alive. My Donate page is one of the last routes into Syria. The methods being used of starving Syrians into submission by stealing wheat and oil, and sinking merchant shipping is one the USA is well used to. All of these amount to crimes against humanity and crimes against the peace.

In this excellent video, Dick Black, a retired US senator and USMC fighter pilot, totally demolishes the role of  NATO and its ISIS proxies in Syria. The video is an eloquent and precise summary of NATO’s war crimes, crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity. As with Robert Stuart’s effort, these is no more to be said, save how to stop NATO committing more crimes, how to exact justice and how to rebuild the lives they have destroyed.

Saving Syria’s Children is a BBC/Muslim Brotherhood hit piece the BBC aired to bully the RAF into doing a Libya blitz on Syria. Londoner Robert  Stuart has spent the last seven years totally debunking and discrediting it. Although Stuart has done a most thorough job on this, the BBC not only refuse to own up but carry on pretending this and other criminal lies they disseminated are the truth. Because Stuart’s criticisms hold up in their entirety,. the BBC are guilty of crimes against the peace. The BBC belong in The Hague.

Sr Brigid Doody: Light in the Darkness

Sr Brigid Doody is an elderly Irish Salesian nun in Damascus doing the best. She gets no help from the Irish regime, who support those who bomb her.


Babies Are Legitimate Targets

We took this photo in a child's hospital on the day I paid for another child to have a life saving heart operation.

TikTok Tehran

Nanabeladi1 is a Tehran TikToker with over 1,000,000 followers. She is into all the annoying stuff teenagers are into it. She too is a NATO sanctions' target.b

Birds Eye Update

This is a short Spy Wednesday video update on how criminal sanctions are turning Syria into another pre Gulf War Iraq.

Uyghurs infest idlib

The Uyghurs are the lever to attack China. There are over 100,000 Uyghur head choppers in Northern Syria. Irish NGOs fund them.

Cambodia Continues

Henry Kissinger was not beaten to death. His war crimes continued long after Cambodia. They continue in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere to this day.

Three Kneeling Squaws

Three legitimate targets in Damascus, one Christian, one Sunni, one Shia. Sanctions target them all. They are all in the firing line.

Dead Druze

NATO's target on the left is a Christian from the little town of Bethlehem. NATO's target in the middle is a Druze, voting for President Assad in Homs.